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advice for my HC 62 sorc (pure)

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by crscrsAOK, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. crscrsAOK

    crscrsAOK Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 16, 2008
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    advice for my HC 62 sorc (pure)

    hello, my sorc is level 62 now and in NM act V

    its a bit hard, and im planning to get some friends to my point and do baals with.

    i have put str up to 75 for gear, and the rest is all in vitality. i dont have uber gear, only what i have found. thing is, ive managed to cap all my resists and get 20% damage redux total. i have around 850 life.

    i have a bunch of stat points saved, because im wondering if i should put points into dex for my block. i have put zero, and my chance to block is 5%

    should i dump it all into vitality? or should i spend some into dex. i have around 250 vitality right now. in my killing gear i seem to do fine. but im planning to go into hell eventually. i mostly solo, but NM baal runs with a couple friends is a possibility, and baal in hell if i get there.

    i have a second suit with reasonable resists and 200% mf, im having no troubles killing my way to meph and switching gear to kill him and find items, i plan to do this whenever im not progessing. (its turning out to be cool xp as well over time)

    so yea, my question is dex? or continue vitality... thanks!:jig:
  2. sirpoopsalot

    sirpoopsalot Diabloii.Net Member

    May 24, 2005
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    Re: advice for my HC 62 sorc (pure)

    Personally I prefer vitality - unless you can safely pre-plan what your final shield is, since max-block with the wrong shield can leave you a little low in life.

    One other path that many people often neglect is a balanced mix: ~50% blocking, then the rest in Vitality. Still reasonable blocking %, but your life will be quite a bit higher to help make up for the lost blocking. You can adjust this pretty easily too: 60% blocking, 40% blocking, etc.

    Also, in my experience level62 is a little low for Act5 NM. Not un-doable, but another ~10+ levels is a good helper, to be sure. I try to hit Hell at level75, or maybe even a little higher if I don't have good equipment. You can gain about 6 levels (to ~68) quite quickly by making runs against Eldritch (just north of the Frigid Highlands waypoint) too, and he's fairly safe to run (most times). Watch out for archers and spear throwers near where he spawns.

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