Advice for better gear


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Advice for better gear

Fury wolf(PvM)

Wpn Butcher's Pupil "shael"
Armor Stone runeword
Helm Jalal's Mane
Shield Gerke's Sanctuary
Gloves Draculs
Belt Ik belt
Boots Ik boots
Amulet Crafted ammy: 2 shapeshifting 14 Lresist 14Cresist 14Fresist 50Presist
10% FRW 4Life stolen 17 life
Ring Ravenfrost
Rare ring: 20 str 118 ar 4max dmg

As you can see I am not that rich, and I prefer 1h axe for my wpn. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks


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Sorry to tell you this but you shouldnt prefer a 1 handed axe. You might want to prefer a better weapon. When I am really poor I tend to use 2 handed weapons over the other weapons out there. Your pick of a weapon wasnt a bad pick tho. Get a ik mual doubled shealed, windhammer shealed, bonehew doubled shealed. All of those will do you some good. If You really really must have a cheap 1 handed axe weapon. Do a shealed canebreak, shealed deaths cleaver, or shealed razors edge. I think Im not going to go off and test all of them tho.

Then we got your second pick for a ring. Your first pick of that rare ring was a ok pick but you really want is a second ravenfrost. It has more ar. All the cool werewolves use them. But I still say go with a 2 hander so You dont have to waste points into dex for max block. I should really say use a anglics ring and a amulet for the more hitpoints and more ar.

You dont want a stone armor for a werewolf this armor has a very low amount of def. Even tho it gives you a high % amount. Get a armor with a high amount of resist all, fhr, and/or life. But resist all is the most inportant.


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a low fort is great and not too expensive, what realm are you on? If your on US west ladder/NL I could probably throw you some decent items to help you out.


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Thanks for the help guys.
I ll try to find the elite axes you mentioned.
For armor, I play on west nl, so I will not be able to get a fortitude. Any other alternatives?
For the rare ring, I use that for + str. Maybe I ll use the angelic combo once I get +str from some other items, and also trying to find a ravenfrost..