Advice for a new zealer


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I'm usually doing it like this:

Before level 12, do no more than putting one point into the prereqs for fanaticism, zeal and holy shield. Before you have fanaticism, you use the might aura, later it's concentration. Until you have zeal, you better use the basic attack only and not sacrifice.

From L12 on, bring zeal to skill level 4, so you have the maximum of 5 attacks. Invest a bit into sacrifice, but keep a few points for level 18, 24 and 30 when new skills and their prereqs come into play. With zeal being at level 4, maximize fanaticism first, then sacrifice (adds more %ed than zeal and zeal's attack bonus isn't needed if you have the normal offensive act 2 merc with you or wear parts of Sigon's set). Then invest enough into holy shield you reach a point at which the blocking bonus doesn't improve significantly anymore (let's say by 1% per skill point). After that, maximize zeal, then holy shield.

At level 30, it might be a good idea to put a point into salvation, so you can improve resists in critical situations, like when meeting a boss with a conviction aura.

At that point, you are basically done. Further skill points can either be spent in defiance (holy shield synergy) invested into one of resist fire/lightning/cold. The latter adds 1% to maximum resists of the kind in question for every two skill points you actually spent when not used (or 1% for each skill point when the aura is activated, something which you probably won't ever do, for the sake of completeness). I'm usually choosing resist fire because my zealots are typically wearing Thundergod's Vigor which already makes him basically immune to lightning. The holy shield synergy bonus isn't worth it in my opinion because it just adds to the armor rating.


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Wow, thanks for the help, and looking towards a wep.What runes should i aim for , to make my gameplay easier?


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Apart from Lo for a Grief phaseblade (or Mal for Oath, for example, if you can't afford it yet), it's an Um rune for the helm and a pdiamond for the Herald of Zakarum. Regarding the armor, a few examples are the Enigma runes or those for Fortitude or just another Um for Guardian Angel.

It depends a bit on the other gear... and your wealth, of course.