Adopting a Dog, Initial Costs?

How do you housebreak a pet, by the way?
For the first year we kept both my dogs in a kennel when we weren't around. As soon as we let them out we took them outside. When they went we gave them treats and praise. If they did it in the house we gave a firm low "NO", but didn't rub their face in it or anything.

Both of my dogs haven't done anything in the house for years. So I guess that method works.

We were told that rubbing their nose in it really just makes them afraid to go no matter what and that obviously causes problems.

Dogs are great, but you have to make sure they know you are in control.

As for exercise, find a game the dog likes. Tug-O-War, Frisbee, Fetch, etc. It is much easier to tire a dog out doing something he really wants to do.



Think really hard before getting a dog if you live in an apartment, imo. 2 walks a day is not near enough. The dog will need exercise, mental and physical. By mental exercise I mean training it, tracking or some other type of activity, heck fetch works as long as it does get some mental stimulation.

As for costs I don't know what they are in the US but yes, do consider a budget for any vet costs on top of the obvious ones like food etc.


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Yeah, never rub a dogs nose in their poo or wee. If you do, you may find that they eat their poo after going potty just to prevent you from finding it on the carpet and getting angry at them again.

Very sad.

Praise works wonders if you get them at the right time.
Our younger black lab used to poo in our house whenever she was left inside for period of time. The funny thing was, it was only in my sisters room, never anywhere else.