Addicted + question on GF weapon


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Addicted + question on GF weapon

I truly am hooked on gold finder barbs. My super expensive mf sorc comes no where near the trade values of finds that my gold finder barb yields with gear that is worth way less (my first hour running him yielded: 24 maras, 17 life [email protected] sc, enough 10fcr rings to choke a cow, a +2 sin 20 fcr +15 str helm, etc.)

Ok, that point aside.

I currently have an eth threshers toll on my merc. The added cold damage is bad (about 1 in 6 bodies shatter i've noticed) but I love that it casts the decrep so that a PI spawn doesn't force me to save and exit.

I've been thinking about running a slightly different weapon (I can afford pride... but it seems a little overkill, and fairly mainstream, so I don't want do do it). I've been tempted to load him up with the eth upped kelpie snare I have, and possibly Jahing it for the ignore defense. Is this totally lame? If I did that, what could I do for PI's? (anyone have +3 warcries spear with decrep charges they want to sell?)

Basically, I'm looking for thoughts on a gf barb weapon. What works, what doesn't? Would the jah upped eth kelpie be worth the jah?



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Re: Addicted + question on GF weapon

Barb merc with lawbringer if you really love the decrep.