Action Packed Sunday


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Action Packed Sunday

For once im actually busy! :eek:

morning i have a "volunteer" thing. my school needed Jrs to go to this thing.
Basically, its at a 5 star hotel, all i have to do is eat brunch and listen to some guy talk.

then at around 4, another volunteer thing (only real this time) i go to this persons house who is holding a Chefs Night.
where there are going to be chefs that will cook for people, like 90 or so. Its a large house in the same area as the hotel. So im gonna be a waiter there, and take peoples orders - and thatll end at like... 9... or 11. i forget.

today there are also some really good shows on TV, like the Dragons on Animal Planet - i hope i dont miss that :(
and there was something else on TV, i dont remember though - oh well.

hows your Sunday looking? :)
cool, glad to hear someone around here will be getting free food today ;)

anyways, its my sisters bday today and we're going out to eat, should be pretty good its one of my fav restaurants

after that i might have to catch up on my science project .. meh but then im off to the movies to see 'be cool', saw man of the house last weekend :)

anyways, what time is the dragons program showing? it sounds interesting

hope you hf, cya


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right now my mom is making me bacon and eggs and hashbrowns. so far so good. now i just gotta play wow the whole day. :clap:


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Jigga-Scrooge said:
right now my mom is making me bacon and eggs and hashbrowns.
Can I come to your house? My girlfriend is asleep. I have a feeling she will get up in 10 minutes and ask me to go get her an Egg McMuffin.

~Kazama Fury~

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Stuck at home, trying to do some homework.

Instead, finding myself procrastinating again.
I blame Naruto this time... for being so addictive.


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I woke up at 4 in the afternoon, did some greek and now i'm probably going to play WoW until i decide to eat and do some more greek. Then maybe some more WoW tbefore i go to sleep. But to make it more interesting just add three explosions while i was getting up, a ninja fight on the way to the computer and a high intensity game of monopoly before i go to sleep.


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I got out of bed BY 11, and then heard from Ashli (Girl I was suppoused to do something with today) that she was stuck going to her grandmothers all day, which I already knew would happen, since her mom told her last night she probably couldnt do anything... so I was left with no plans.

I ended up calling my best friend, and we went to the school parking lot and did some lacrosse/baseball (lacrosse ball, him with his lacrosse stick, me with my baseball glove... catch, throwing it off the wall, aiming for certian bricks etc, just chillin out. (we only broke one window too! :D )

Well, um, actually i'm going to have a pretty nice little Sunday, we're going to go to Home Depot. You know, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time.