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cyclotronic said:
Do you even know what fusion is? And why we cannot currently use it as an energy source.

Question 2, do you huff paint?
A nuclear reaction in which nuclei combine to form more massive nuclei with the simultaneous release of energy. (

cannot use it cause we haven't discovered it's secret yet.

huff paint, you mean sniff it to get high? never lol. I aint that curious! lol. I don't tend to expirement as much to THAT level!


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neophase said:
cannot use it cause we haven't discovered it's secret yet.

huff paint, you mean sniff it to get high? never lol. I aint that curious! lol. I don't tend to expirement as much to THAT level!
Good lord....


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neophase said:
Electric has a weakness, once you take out the power, all is lost. Very easy to take advantage of electricity and easy ways to manipulate it. It's almost, as I see it, a device of the wicked, the unpatient, the greedy.
I hate to be the guy that bursts your bubble, but what do you think the computer you're using to post with runs on?
I stopped reading when you started talking about switching to horses.

Horses eat grass, which is replenishable, true. Grass does grow relatively abundantly, true. You wanna know why we have so much grass that stays so green so long in all our suburbs? It's called lots of water (water is a natural resouce we also abuse, and in some places, like, say, Las Vegas, wasting water has a lot more impact on the environment than a lawn mower), and fertilizers. Fertilizers contain chemicals that runoff into the ground water and pollute the local acquifers and lakes, thus adding to the impact on the local water supply.

If you want to talk about energy efficiency, start doing things like unplugging your appliances when you're not using them. Even when turned off, things like computers, televisions, stereos, etc still burn electricity 24/7 if they're plugged in 24/7. That's a good first step. After that, look at your diet. The more processing that goes into your good, the more energy it consumes along the way. Meat, by the way, is the most inefficient way of getting energy into your body, as the animals that provide it must be fed on grains, which in turn must be grown using water/fertilizer. The returns in terms of energy are not nearly close to what energy was put into creating that meat, either.
neophase said:
Nevertheless arrogant and foolish, and just remarkably annoying, it still represents who you are, as my words show others who I am.
Looks like somebody didn't get the memo. How did you not notice that every sentence of that post was a joke, man?
Neo, I don't know what is going on in your head, but I haven't read a single one of your threads that hasn't made me go, "I really hope there are drugs somewhere in all this."

There are too many things in this thread to point out that are impossible or wrong.


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IIRC, research was done which showed that 16th century London is actually more polluted than 21st century London despite switching from horses to cars, for reasons many stated above. I'll see if I can find the paper.

Good sentiments, poor thinking.

Right now, other alternative forms of electical power is still very much in research. Solar power is still very inefficient (poor surface area-energy ratio). Wind power is very limited and similarly takes up more room than a power plant. Fuels cells are relatively expansive but there's been improvements in that area.

We all know oil is not going to last forever. There's a lot of money placed into research for improving all the alternative energy technologies but right now, switching to animal powered wheels etc would be a step backwards. :)