act3 cold merc


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act3 cold merc

I just got a act3 cold merc for my wind druid and since i have never played with this merc before (except with my first char ever) i was wondering what would be the "ultimate" gear for this guy?

What would be a good balance when it comes to +skills/life/res etc

did a forum search but couldn´t find anything about it
+ all skills, cold skills (genrral cold skills, not a particular cold skill mostly) and FCR are very useful, but hard to find on a 1 handed sword.


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I just used (my necro) culwin's point (sp?), skin of vipermagi, lidless wall and shako, with a death rainbow jewel in each, nice firework when it dies, but that's about all it's good for. :p


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Seems an odd choice--considering your druid will already be dealing cold damage via Hurricane, why do you need another source of it?

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Also, for the fact sages, do +skills to Glacial Spike or Ice Blast work on this guy(the Sorceress Only skills)? If so, Ormus Robes would be a good choice for armor.

@SnakeEyes: Is Flux 37 yet? :D


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Ormus robes ar good since they help with +15% cold damage rite. +ice blast etc specific skills do not work on the merc.

An alternative approach is culwen's pt, good caster helm/circlet (fast cast/+skills) and use the armour/shield for defense. With good def armour and frozen armour, your merc can have a def of around 4000. Basic 3D shield will max out his resists as well.

I've used darkglow on my mage merc for the extra +5%resist all. He's a pretty decent tank in hell. ie. last for more than 3 secs when swamped.