Act 4 Hell

Act 4 Hell

Ok, so im trying to hurry and get to pindle. well anyways i was about ready to kill the very last guy before Diablo And He was cold and fire immune. He was one of the guys from the two seals to the right; the type that spit fire. Well anyways im a max orb and fb sorc. and i static fielded him down, and had to let my merc do the rest. Well my merc could not even damage him. his life just regenerated to quick. Any suggestions? or just reroll?


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What level is your merc? He should at least be clvl 80 to deal with the Seal Bosses.

What gear does your merc have?

What players setting were you at?

Were you Telekinesing the boss to stun it while the merc was attacking?

What mods did the unique spawn with? Stone Skin?


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I am not sure, but I think Prevent Monster Heal should work on that guy. You'll need to apply it yourself though as it doesn't work for mercs. Use some low level throwing weapon for it (I have a stack of rare javelins in my stash for such a case).

I'm pretty sure there are other and better solutions out there, but this might be worth a try.
im completely new and this is my first charc im just trying to rush to pindle to do the pindlethon, although after reading this, im thinking of perhaps just dropping out and running meph for awhile


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IIRC Infector is not naturally FI, CI unless he spawns cold enchanted, so you can try again and have no problems to kill him.


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As Frostburn mentioned, use telekinesis any tough the boss. It will has Knockback and will let your merc take the offensive.


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If you can't find some PMH throwing weapons, you could use some poison gas throwing potions to counter his regeneration.


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The two classic caster weapons Heart of the Oak and Spirit swords both have poison damage on them already, so if you're carrying them, go whack to monster.

EDIT: I'm retarded. Only the Spirit has a Tal in it.