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Act 4 and finale speculation

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 Beta Forum' started by Lanthanide, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Act 4 and finale speculation

    So this thread is to piece together what we can about Act 4 and the finale, based on the datamined leak information.

    We can piece a few things together from the zone names, but I spotted some other things that people might find interesting:

    In TMP - TimedEvents there are some things that look like the final Diablo fight:
    a4dun_Garden_HellPortal_TimedEvent Time until the Gateway to Hell closes
    DiabloFight_Phase1_Timer Reverse the corruption of the Crystal Arch

    In TMP - Gizmos there are lots of 'world item' descriptions like corpses, chests and shrines:
    A4dun_Garden_Chest Chest
    a4dun_Garden_Chest_Rare Exquisite Chest
    a4dun_spire_CorruptedWallGirth_Column_1 Tortured Girths
    a4dun_spire_CorruptedWallGirth_Column_2 Tortured Girths
    a4dun_spire_CorruptedWallGirth_Column_3 Tortured Girths
    a4dun_spire_CorruptedWallGirth_Wall_1 Tormented Girths
    a4dun_spire_CorruptedWallGirth_Ground Tormented Girths
    LootType3_Girth_Corpse Conquered Girth
    a4dun_spire_FloorCrystal Crystal
    a4dun_Garden_Purification_Well Purification Well
    a4dun_sigil_switch_temp Rotation Dial
    a4dun_HellPortal_Switch_Temp Hell Portal Switch [temp]
    a4dun_spire_ElevatorSwitch Ascension Device
    a4dun_spire_ElevatorSwitch_down Descend Device

    In the Zones section, we have zones:
    A4Gardens Gardens of Hope
    A4Spire Silver Spire
    A4BastionKeep Bastion's Keep

    and level names:
    A4_dun_Garden_of_Hope_01 Gardens of Hope 1st Tier
    A4_dun_Garden_of_Hope_02 Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier
    A4_dun_Garden_of_Hope_03 Gardens of Hope 3rd Tier
    A4_dun_Hell_Portal_01 Hell Rift
    A4_dun_Hell_Portal_02 Hell Rift
    A4_dun_Hell_Portal_03 Gateway to Hell
    A4_dun_Spire_01 The Silver Spire Level 1
    a4_dun_Spire_Event_Floor The Silver Spire Level 2
    A4_dun_Spire_02 The Silver Spire Level 3
    A4_dun_Spire_03 The Silver Spire Level 4
    A4_dun_Spire_04 The Silver Spire Level 5
    A4_dun_Diablo_Arena The Crystal Arch
    A4_dun_Spire_SigilRoom_A Blessed Chancel
    A4_dun_Spire_SigilRoom_C Radiant Chapel
    A4_dun_Spire_SigilRoom_D Tabernacle of Light
    A4_dun_Spire_00 Gateway to The Silver Spire
    A4_Dun_Keep_Hub Bastion's Keep Stronghold
    A4_dun_Ponies_1000_Monsters_Fight_Entrance The Diamond Gates
    a4dun_spire_MorganEntrance The Pinnacle of Ponies

    Not sure what the 'ponies' stuff is, except a reference to an apparent secret level where you fight ponies that comprise of the various bosses from the rest of the game, so these last two may not show up as standard locations or perhaps the old location names no longer match the description text?

    Anyway, it seems like Diablo is making an assault directly against Heaven, and we have to go stop him. The elevator stuff might be old/changed, but from the description of the Silver Spire being 5 levels high (with an 'event floor' for level 2), my guess is that the Crystal Arch is at the very top and we have to ascend the tower after Diablo fighting demons as we go until we get to the top and have to stop him from corrupting the arch and making a permanent gateway from Hell to Heaven.

    Please post other Act 4 info you have found from the leak and theorise away!
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2011

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