Act 1 Merc w/ Pitrunning Meteorb?


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Act 1 Merc w/ Pitrunning Meteorb?

Would this be even a viable mercenary? I'm not having much luck with my Act 2 Merc right now, and I did everything right with him. He doesn't die or anything, it';s just that he seems to be nothing more than a meatshield. I'm thinking you could use her similar to those lamers in 1.09 dueling who teleported around not even shooting, letting their merc do the work. Also, it'd be nice to have some fire support.

When I'm posting this, I'm assuming that bug is fixed where mercs don't get bonuses based on their level [in this case, max damage on WF]

How would this sound for a merc in pit running [Ladder, btw]

Upgraded Shaft
Upgraded/Eth Vamp Gaze


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It could work for the Pit, since you can Solo the Pit too if you like.
The actual reason why you use the Act2 Merc is because he is a meatshield and you can land Meteor right on his head and dont have to think about Teleporting away from monsters. This also gives you greater killing speed.

The more i think of it i think the idea would be rather horrible. You would be teleporting about and try to let your Act1 Merc do the kills. That will take ages with Hell Monster in the Pit since your Killing Power is WAY better than any Merc you can get.

I would stick with the Act2 Merc. The reason why you have him is that he will take the hits for you from Archers in the Pit which can kill a Sorcie very fast (talking of mobs with a Boss)

If you can afford the time, try it out, i am just trying to tell you what i think about it, i have not tried it out myself.

Also Bosses will possibly kill your Rogue before she can kill those fast enough. You would need to know what damage she will do with that bow. if it gets close to the damage of your Merc weapon (which i doubt) then this could work.

The benefit of act2 Mercs -> Auras. Those Auras make it even possible for them to survive. Sounds scary from my experience to use Act1 Rogue.

About you saying you did everything right. Can you merc kill bosses that are immune to your spells?


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I agree with Meli, and that sounds like a "no good" idea. It's proved to me that Act 2 Mercs are suited for all terrains, and that includes The Pit too. They actually kill pretty fast in solo games, if they have enough level and decent weapon of course, and I find the frozing aura of Nightmare the most useful, as that chills all monsters, even cold inmunes. The bad thing is that you'll need to be patient levelling him up, and that can be a pain in the.. ehem, "there" :lol: if you are level 85 and want to level him all the way.

My best-working merc:
Nightmare with chilling aura (defensive, iirr)
Eth x/8/20 Gaze
Normal (didn't even bother upgrading it) shaft
Bonehew, socketed with 15 ias/6 res all jewel, other socket still unfilled
And he's not just a meat shield (he's doing great that role ;) ), he kills pretty fast all the cold & fire inmunes I find in the way.


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I never used mercs b4 but now I love him....
He wears Crown of the ages, Toothrow (open wounds), and uses a tomb reaver (dual amn)....all in all he has 25% life leach and NEVER dies. He can pretty much solo pit runs when I static for him.

Act 2 merc is your friend


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Heh, I do already have an Act 2 Merc, I was just wondering if it might be worth trying an Act 1.


I have an Act 1 Merc and they do kill and even slightly tank - she is level 80 . The thing is she only has a Skystrike bow - best bow I have found so far . But when dealing with a group of cold immunes - im a cold sorcy - my fire rogue takes all day to kill a group because they regen . So for pvm she probably isn't the best choice . But I do think she is the best choice for pvp because she will get her slugs in and those shots of hers are damn hard to avoid .