Accidentally deleted my Diablo II.exe...


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Accidentally deleted my Diablo II.exe...

...and the only CD I have with me is the expansion disc (since that's all you need in the drive to play). To reinstall and get the file back, I'd need my original discs as well. The expansion disc seems to think I don't have LoD installed at all because I'm missing this single file.

So, basically, my question is if there's anything I can do to get this file back without a full reinstall. Can I delete certain expansion files so that I only have the original D2 installed and not LoD (since I could then just install the expansion from my disc)? Any help is appreciated.


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If you delete a file it's still there till an other program writes to the particular region and can be recovered by several tools aviable. Dont want to recommend one specific.

Windows XP (profesinal only?) sets from time to time restorepoints to roll back the system to an earlier state if needed. Depending on the options set, this may help.

Otherwise just do somthing else till you are there where you have the other discs and reinstall Diablo then.


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First, try going into your D2 folder, then right click somewhere in that folder, see if it has an "undo delete" option. if it does, consider yourself lucky.

If it doesn't, try going into your recycle bin. If you haven't emptied it yet, your .exe might be in there still.

If neither of these happens, try the system rollback available in XP if you have XP.

If none of these are an option, good luck.


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Otherwise you might find the file loose on the internet, could have unpredictable results though. And of course I'm sure it's illegal. My advice is just to find those original discs.