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Was just trying to think of a build that could kick bigbutt in pubby duels or maybe pking *shhh* without constant gear swaps and thought of this. And it's cheap too in more than one way :grin:

Upped Shaft (-15 req res jewel)
Belt- TG 20 LA
Shield- Luna 0-61 CA (ber)
Ammy- Rising Sun 0-74 FA
Ring- 2 wisps 30-40 LA or wisp raven
Helm- Kira FHR, CNF and huge res (ber) or rockstopper or dream helm
Boots- Inferno, hotspur or Waterwalks.
Gloves- Death set
Weapon- Grief-CTA switch

Use AR, Life, FHR and res charms (fairly cheap)

FR 80-90
LR 80
CR 75
PR 75

With mass absorb and Lowering of poison res you'll be kinda untouchable to elemental damage. Cause it will heal you. You'll have 46% DR as well.

Use charge to get close and let grief do the rest with smite.

Max HS and Fant for sure. Might also want to pump up lightning (boost dream) and Cold res too boost their res lvs.

Luna would let you keep dex investment down. You'd need maybe 40-60 points in it. str will need 115 or so total and the rest into vit.

Any major holes or suggestions?


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i would say get upped guardian angel and exile this should allow you to get your resists up to 90-95 and get some resist charms too. Also youll watn some more dr and defense whch is reason for exile. Plus yuo'll want dual dwarfs against hammerdins to even get close enough to do dgm since your defense wiil suck if you use those items. You will need resist cold charms cause even with the cold absorb they lower ur res a lot. And light res charms against fohers


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I also vouch for GA as well, as it will save you a ton of points in dex when paired with holy shield.

My ideal setup would be:

            Skill   CR  FR  LR  PR  FCR DR  Str Dex
GA(Ber)     1       0   0   0   0   0   8   0   0
Metalgrid   0       35  35  35  35  0   0   0   0
Kira's(Ber) 0       70  70  70  70  0   8   0   0
Exhile      0       45  45  45  45  0   0   0   0
Death's     0       0   0   0   50  0   0   0   0
Natalya     0       0   25  25  0   0   0   0   0
Dungos      0       0   0   0   0   0   15  0   0
Torch       3       20  20  20  20  0   0   20  20
Anni        1       20  20  20  20  0   0   20  20
Total       5       190 215 215 240 0   31  40  40
Rings would depend on who you are fighting, probably 2x raven/ 2x dwarf/ 2x wisp /2x carrion (for poison) etc... Kira's give CBF so you are free to switch from Raven Frosts to whatever rings would be most beneficial.

You'd want a lot of resist charms of all types so your resists are stacked for cold sorcs, anyone using infinity, or anyone who has a lot of -x% to some resist. Ideally you wouldn't want any of your resists to drop below 90/95 (Exile give +max cold and fire) or your GA isn't doing anything for you. GA will take care of the +max resists while rings will take care of the absorb.

Thought I love Tgod's, I chose Dungo's over it since +max lightning was a bit redundant with GA as well as the light absorb with 2x wisp rings. DR% is a bit lacking but could be almost made up for by prebuffing with Treachery.

I've actually been thinking of this for the last week or so which is why I have the chart made. I even have a noob pally named Convictional if I decide to follow through with this setup:smiley:


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I think you guys are missing the point. I don't want to switch out gear. Plus this build will have loads of res but more importantly it has over 50 absorb to fire, lightning and cold (which is generally considered a little cheap). Which with 80-90 res will heal you when you are attacked with it, not hurt you. Also about GA, I thought of it but in the end it messes up too much other gear. Block is not a problem at all. You need 136 dex to use a PB and that gives you over max block. The +dex in the shield takes care of much of this.

Gear that cannot be switched out for this to work is

TG and wisp for LA
Rising Sun for FA
Luna for CA

Also youll watn some more dr and defense whch is reason for exile.
exile has no DR.


if all you want to do is piss off elemental pvpers. use guardian angel,hot spurs,blackhorns ,tgods, 2 ravens and stack all resist as much as you can, you dont even need stuff like rising sun or dwarf.

this setup gives you 95% resist to all except cold, but cold sors are pretty harmless even with 75 resist since you got dual ravens you just have to counter their dumb cold mastery


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OHM in the blackoak luna gives the extra 5% to max to get to 95% max cr.

Blackhorns face is another sorber on for those gg light pkers. also gives a very nasty assed slow with your punch for the total nabby knobbers.

I made one of these in 09 to chase of sorcs out of the pally manner duels. coupled with wizardspike or silence for the foh bombs they thought I was running away from them when actually I was luring them away from town to namelock kill em before they tele back in to town.


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Nice idea on blackhorns niner. It would free 2 wisps (one raven to replace it) and a big str res ring on the other hand. More Str and Dex means less investment and more life.

Although honestly the more I look at dream I think it and one raven and wisp could be the way to go. With 10 more max light res from the passive it'd take care of that. ALso has res and would give a new big damage source for quick kills. Think I might do this and play with the gear a little. Couple good combo's out there.

OHM in the blackoak luna gives the extra 5% to max to get to 95% max cr.
Ya but I figure the extra 8 DR would be more helpful in the long run. I'll have to see.


you know, i just think of the vanqusier w/e name it is i forgot but the build is to max light resist/fire/cold you just need smite char to kill casters this will free alot of eq choices