About the non-ladder


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About the non-ladder

So i am sure everyone now know the ladder gonna be reset

Here are my questions

1. Do non ladder players only play with non ladder player?
I mean its kinda obvious question, but will there be 2 different game zone?
Non ladder world / ladder world?
if you are non ladder player, can you duel with ladder player?

2. about the items
it says all possesion will be moved to non-ladder
does it mean everything ( rune, jewl , gems, and charms) will also marked non ladder?

3. how big non ladder will be?
i just started like a month ago, and not familiar with reset thing
so after it is reset, do people still play in non ladder or people move to ladder?
how about the trade?
does trade happen like in ladder ?

4. what should i do now?
now about 2 weeks left on ladder, what should i prepare before season ends?
should i sell all my junks to get as much as ladder-only items?
suggest me anything plz
need help!!!

p.s sucks season end so soooooon!


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Re: About the non-ladder

1) Yep. Non-ladder chars interact only with non-ladder chars. You cannot join a ladder created game. Same goes for dueling - it's up to the games created.

2) Yes it will. Everything you can think of. Your whole characters.

3) There are fewer players for sure, but many people DO play NL. Trades may be fewer, but it's the same as in ladder. The prices differ, but that's due to NLs nature. :)

4) You choose for yourself. If I were you, I'd sell some of my stuff to get hold of Ladder only uniques and runewords. You can use them in NL and when you get tired of them start anew in ladder :p


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Re: About the non-ladder

Gathering ladder runewords is what all the others do as well. Also, there are far less NL players than players on ladder and you need those who have ladder wealth as well. Apart from that, the rich guys already have all they need from the previous 5 ladder resets, so it will be hard to find buyers for anything than ladder runewords with perfect variables... or close to perfect of there's a lot of variation.

If you want to do something with your wealth when it has become NL, get sojs (rich guys organize dclone spawnings with NL sojs) and pgems and crafting runes (rich guys reroll items like crazy). These resources deplete after some time while all the runewords won't get less, except to people abandoning their accounts. I doubt that you can afford many sojs from 3 weeks of playing, so better go for pgems or crafting runes. The more, the better. Whole accounts full of them are OK.

However, cross-trades have become pretty rare. The ratio used to be 1:10 and it will be even worse at the beginning of a ladder season.

Update: Forget about sojs, it seems to be what everybody and his dog is already doing.
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