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SomeCanadianGuy said:
Ontarians, you're too clever. That's why most Quebecers don't like most of y'all. I say most because I don't have much a problem with most of you guys. I say most there too because the only one I've got a beef with is you!*shakes balled fist* :teeth:
You love me. You just express it by putting poisonous spiders in my bed while I sleep. I know.

Canadia said:
You canadians sure are weird.
If you lived in a country where the only thing to do during winter was get drunk, party, insult each other, fight and injest psychotropic substances, you'd be a little "off", too. But a lot happier. :teeth:


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Actually, head to the grainery (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta) and they don't really have anything to do all year round besides what you mentioned... So right now you (meaning anyone besides me and Anakha) are talking to the civilized representants of a great, dope-head country. ;)