about on struck


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about on struck

Hey guys, just a little question. But does a proc form "struck" only occure when you get hit, or also when you simply block the attack?

thanks in advance, and my bad if its such a stupid question :p


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Re: about on struck

Yes, that what logic tells me as well, but what did logic tell to the game developers? :scratchchin:


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Re: about on struck

% Chance to Cast When Struck isn't applied if the attack misses, or if it is subsequently blocked.

It's applied whenever the user is hit by a melee attack (excluding charging Claw Vipers and Reanimated Horde), a missile attack applying weapon or monster damage, persistent traps or fires, or exploding barrels.

It's not applied by missiles which only apply their own damage or skill damage. Most of the applicable missile attacks are intuitive (the user is hit by a visible arrow, bolt, dart, javelin, quill or throwing weapon), but others are less obvious:

  • Tainted lightning orbs
  • Skeleton Mage bolts
  • Lightning Spire bolts
  • Willowisp lightning bolts
  • Imp fire bolts
  • Claw Viper missiles
  • Succubus and Stygian Witch bolts
It's also not applied by returned damage or death explosions.