about Inner Sight

about Inner Sight

I notice that on pallies, it does MUCH more than it says it does.

For exanmple, if my IS says it takes off -100 def, it generally takes upwards of 500 or so defense off.

maxing it would get me to about -2000 def.

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I'm just not sure how the returns on IS work considering it doesn't work the way it "says" it does.


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Here is a thread from a couple months ago. It might help a bit.

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i dont know if this counts..but i was jabbing my friends pally..and he was zealing with his wizspike (fohadin) lol. i kept losing =X until i used innersight..and yup i killed him


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I think IS takes the defense away from the total armour, so the enhanced defense from skills like Holy Shield have a reduced base to work from, thus IS can reduce much more defense than listed in PvP.