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Re: Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather - The New IFT

OK People, this is a little OT complaint, so bear with me.

I'm currently sitting at my parents place at 0.5 Mbps DSL. That's not a horrible connection, yet this page (I'm viewing 40 posts/page) takes ages to load.

Yes, sometimes it's nice to put in a picture. But must we all do it, just because we can? No. Post readouts, unless picture actually adds something to your post.


I thought that I would sort of address this with a public service announcement even though I don't personally have any issues and I do enjoy seeing images in the thread.

Diablo 2 screenshots are saved with very poorly optimized jpegs and you can cut their size down dramatically if you take a moment to resave them with proper jpeg compression before uploading. I noticed an easy quartering of the screenshot size with even a very high level jpeg compression, with web level compression you can get the files much much smaller. With Diablo 2's 256-colours a bitmap image should have a maximum of 800*600*1 byte ~= 467 K(1024)Bytes and yet many of my Diablo 2 jpeg screenshots are over 500 KB. ** I think that Diablo 2 uses a non-standard 256-colour palette or does a dynamic re-mapping of a large palette to 256-colours so it isn't actually that simple, but it serves as an example. I could also be very wrong with this, and Diablo 2 might actually use perfectly standard 256 colours.**

Even for people with fast connections, optimizing images will make page loading more instantaneous.

You can do yourself and your fellow forumites a favor and resave and/or crop your screenshots when posting them directly into the thread.



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Re: About Embedded Images

What about spoiler tags? By using them, the images shouldn't load unless you click said spoiler.. correct?


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Re: About Embedded Images

@Virtue: that is incorrect, or the answer depends on the browser.

In Google Chrome, after I click the Spoiler tag, the image shows up immediately (which means it was downloaded before).


Having said that, it helps. The most annoying thing on a slow connection is that when an image loads, the page gets longer and the text keeps jumping downwards, making it impossible to read the thread until all images load.

With the spoiler tag, that particular problem disappears, seeing as the page has fixed length independently of whether the image got downloaded or not.


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Re: About Embedded Images

It could also be helpful for people to know about very good open source paint programs. I use paint.NET which has a similar look to photoshop just a little less omph on the capabilities side. However it can easily crop, resize, do layering, save in different formats.

Cropping is the best way to reduce the size of the file, there is more and I would be happy to do a tutorial on it if asked to. If anyone has noticed I can usually get my images down to under 16 kilobytes. Its 50% cropping and 50% choosing the right file type. Jpeg is good on complicated imagery. Gif will be smaller if there is a lot of blank space in the image.

Here's a quick tut:
  1. crop image to the smallest size without losing the text or image of found item
  2. add new layer
  3. ensure new layer is selected and flood fill with black
  4. move new layer down (arrow down button on the layer pane/window)
  5. select image layer
  6. make a selection around parts that have complicated patterns that aren't important.
  7. press delete
  8. merge layers down
  9. save image as gif

This will cut most cropped image sizes down from 60-90k (jpeg) to 5-20k (gif).


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Re: About Embedded Images

Just get a decent connection and don't whine LOL. Not gonna do extra work with all the jpgs I post because the 3rd world can't handle it.


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Re: About Embedded Images

I don't see why any reasonable person would mind spending 30 seconds to help those who are are on slow/limited bandwith EG hotels/airports/areas of the world with limited bandwith (EG Aus).

Embedding huge images isn't cool. It's being a inconsiderate. As for anyone who thinks it's too much trouble to crop .. surprised they even manage to take the screenie, let alone upload it. ;)

I will say that if people do keep uploading huge embedded images, the image facility will be turned off.

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Re: About Embedded Images

I'm in one of those slow parts of the world, but luckily in one of the capital cities, so it isn't too bad. I frequent other forums where everyone has graphically-intensive sigs and often post very large image files, and the pages load fast enough for my liking.

Having said that, it's never bothered me having to link to pictures here, and I have no qualms with making files smaller - I usually do anyway.

To be bluntly honest it wouldn't matter if there were no images at all - this forum still takes forever to load due to the ad server having to pause and think about loading the next ad. It never used to do that, and I have no idea why it does now (and has done for a few months).


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Re: About Embedded Images

Unless I'm mistaken (and I have been away for a while), isn't it against SPF rules per the FAQ to post images directly? If we are allowing images to be posted directly, I think the SPF FAQ shall need updating.

Ah, yes, here it is:
Please use the gallery or Imageshack. Do not embed images into posts in the SP(T)F.


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Re: About Embedded Images

That was from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. I think I copied it from before images were turned off. :D Really providing people don't get too silly with it, it's not an issue. ;) I was considering redoing the FAQ over xmas.