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nope, but becomes ineffective (iirc about it still working, ofc its effect decreases)
this will happen to a point where plain old dmg will take over as primary source of life removal and so that las little bit of uber life takes the longest even if they dont have alot of life left:shocked:


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No, CB hit works no matter what the health the monster, BUT with diminishing returns.

If you could hit 100% of the time with CB - and lets assume CB is 10% of health of monster (neither is actual, but just for example purposes). And lets assume normal damage is 0 per hit everytime so only CB is doing damage.

monster has 10,000 health
1st hit 10% = 1000 -->monster now at 9000 health
2nd hit 10% = 900 -->monster now at 8100 health
3rd hit 10% = 810 -->monster now at 7290 health
4th hit 10% = 729 -->monster now at 6561 health
5th hit 10% = 656 -->monster now at 5905 health
6th hit 10% = 591 -->monster now at 5314 health

if you caused 500 from every hit it would be like this:
1st hit 10%CB +500 = 1500 -->monster now at 8500 health
2nd hit 10%CB +500 = 1350 -->monster now at 7150 health
3rd hit 10%CB +500 = 1215 -->monster now at 5935 health
4th hit 10%CB +500 = 1094 -->monster now at 4841 health
5th hit 10%CB +500 = 984 -->monster now at 3857 health
6th hit 10%CB +500 = 886 -->monster now at 2971 health

if you caused 500 damage but the uber regen 200 before next strike
1st hit 10%CB +500 = 1500 -->+200 monster now at 8700 health
2nd hit 10%CB +500 = 1370 -->+200 monster now at 7330 health
3rd hit 10%CB +500 = 1233 -->+200 monster now at 6097 health
4th hit 10%CB +500 = 1110 -->+200 monster now at 4987 health
5th hit 10%CB +500 = 999 -->+200 monster now at 3988 health
6th hit 10%CB +500 = 899 -->+200 monster now at 3089 health

Now this does not take into account other damage you are causing from weapon/spell/curse/aura/-res etc. You can see that each successive CB hit the damage is less and less till towards the end of a monsters life its very little above your weapons damage. Thats why on a big life monster with high regen (ubers) that the last sliver of life is so hard to finish.

These figures are only an example - 10% is not the correct cb% -- I believe its 6-7%. You can never hit exactly the same damge per hit. Resistances and defenses are big factors. AR (for all attacks except smite) will determine how often you will even hit your target.