about avenger


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about avenger

Hi, I am an oldtimegamer from Croatia, playing since C64, and i hope I will never stop to play.
This kind of forum is a thing I wished for a long time ago (for D2).
Big thanks to anyone who made it happen.

So, to my question-s.
I am starting an avenger, and am ok about the skills.
The only thing I am not certain about:
Should I put my left skill points into vengeance all way up for the additional damage or should I invest heavily into holy shield?
Is holy shield realy a lifesaver (yes I am a newbie in 1.10)?
Maybe I could compromise, half points in holy shield and half in vengeance?
Someone who has tried this build, please answer.

A few other things.
Wich character is the fastest closeup mele killing machine in 1.10?
How fast is the avenger in killing compared with a full synergised zealot?
I like to play it simple now, after all this years.
No skill switching, just my guy standing there and clicking them to death, and my uber gear protecting and aiding me (supposedly I find it).
So, wich character build would be an perfect example for the kind of play mentioned?

Uh, this thread became much longer then I wanted.
So, thanks to everyone in advance for suggestions and answers.


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first off, welcome to the forum! :howdy:

i can help with a few of your questions... i played an avenger to patriarc and i found it really helpful to max vengeance. i ended up maxing vengeance, maxing conviction, and putting ~10 points each into resist fire, cold, and lightning. this makes you do A LOT of damage. the only downside to it is the mana costs are rather high. you can help with this by putting one point in salvation - a true one point wonder here. i would suggest putting a few points into holy shield to start off - yes, it is a lifesaver, but not until you get into hell. once you've maxed vengeance and synergies you should absolutely pump holy shield as much as you can.

i haven't played a zealot, but i think that a fully synergized one will kill faster than an avenger... but its close. the nice thing about the avenger is, they make a great tank. you can quite literally stand right in front of anything and hack it to death, and you'll be OK. that is, of course, dependent on getting that uber gear, but that would be true for a zealot as well. good luck and have fun!


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also an avenger is salivating for sorcs to party with
strips most monsters of their elemental immunities


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Avengers work better for your style of play. You know you'll hit, and you know you'll do massive damage. Zealots have a harder time hitting (mainly because of the zeal bug or the new blocking system, not sure which).

Max Conviction
Max Holy Shield

Balance putting points into synergies and putting points into vengeance. If you have mana problems, it means you've been putting too many points into vengeance and not enough into synergies. Keep in mind that you'll want to have around 2 rows for mana potions (you go through mana quite a bit).

As for balancing vengeance/synergies and holyshield, I suggest keeping vengeance/synergies high enough to 2-hit kill the stronger normal (not champs/bosses) monsters. And putting the rest into holy shield. When you find the going is easy, start saving some skill points and leave them unspent.

When the going gets tough again, if you have trouble killing fast, pump vengeance/synergies some more, or if you have a hard time staying alive, pump holy shield more.

Keeping skill and stat points saved during easy times makes your character much more flexible when things get difficult (just don't spend them too loosely, keep aligned with your build).

My build at level 75 is:
20 Conviction
12 in Holy Shield
10 Vengeance
10 in each synergy (the resist auras)

I found a good balance here. I have a very good weapon (40IAS 0 base speed, 174-315 dmg), and +2 combat, +2 all skills, so keep this in mind. I'm entering hell act 1.


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Well, about the Avenger vs. Zealot thing, I have one of both and I have to say that my Zealot does kill alot faster. But I will say that Zealots tend to need a lot more uber equipment to kill at that speed and efficiency and Avengers can get by with something a little less uber. Nevertheless, once that Zealot DOES have that good equipment they are a battle-hardened killing machine ;) Oh and Zealots tend to have to rely more on Attack Rating than Avengers. With that conviction aura nearly lowering your enemies' defense to 0 (nearly, my Avenger's convic lowers enemy defense by 94%) you don't have to really worry about too high of an Attack Rating ;)


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Hi, guys!

Just left my avenger at level 25 with some saved skill points to see your replies.
You gave me all the insights and info I needed.
Now, its avenging time, taraaaa.

Thanks very much everyone and see you around.

P.S. Wanted to put an happy icon in here, but did not know how.