Able for Ubers?


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Able for Ubers?

My layout

119 (55 naked)
Vit 400+

20 Teeth
20 Spear
1 Armor
20 Wall
20 Prison
20 Spirit
1 Clay Golem

2/20fcr with some Resist helm (sheal)
Mage Nigma
Perf Spider
Homu (with pdiamond)
40 hoto/ 8/6 white on switch
2/ 17%fcr and some resistance craft ammy
2x fcr rings with at least 15% resist all

9x 20+ pnb gcs
20/18 torch
9 20 life scs

will you think i'm able to start ubering some or no..? IMO i might give it a try.


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I doubt it, but you are welcome to try. Just beware of meph, and the fact that the ubers regen 16k/second.


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Well Meph has a -125% conviction aura, so he'll put your resistances well into negatives and essentially 1 hit KO you whenever he's onscreen. Diablo has a tendency to summon Magic Immune Demon Lords, so good luck with those, oh yeah and as was mentioned all three regenerate at a rate far faster than your ability to actually damage them.

soul killer

There no way youll be able to do ubers with a Bone Nec.
Impossible, no matter how good your merc is.
As Apophis suggested, try a fishymancer :thumbsup:


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I hope you manage to prove us wrong, but I'm afraid your bone necro will be pretty torn up. The minions aren't a problem since you can terror them all away (assuming you use curses), but how to you plan to beat the bosses with their massive regenration? Most (if not all) players tend to use crushing blow to get a handle on knocking down their massive hit points. I didn't see stats on your merc, which one (if any) do you plan to use? How long does it take you to kill a normal hell Baal during a Baal run? Well, hope you crush them!

Good luck and good hunting!


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I have taken my lvl 92 summoner w/ 125 fcr with full skillers and similar gear in with a friend to uber. At best i was crowd control. I could curse, bone prison, and kill the minions quite well but i could barely scratch the ubers themselves.

You can probably run the minis fairly well with liberal use of bone prison to keep lilith off you. Wont be fast, but can be done.


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yes... yes... we all know that Summoners can do it, but we're talking about the feasability of a bonemancer trying to. I hope you actually do manage to do it, but im afraid im inclined to think its impossible as ive never heard of bone spears reaching 8k+ damage, and you will need at least 16k damage per second just to break even with their regeneration. Now then again, maybe with the most sup'ed up merc EVER imaginable.......... UBER CAPABLE MERC!!! :prop:

Edit: Im already trying my merc, gumby, and a curse VS uber duriel.... then izual.... and then lilith. Its my firm belief that summoners who are just to cool to summon are FTW.