Aaaaarrrgghhh is the sound I make when I get angry.


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Aaaaarrrgghhh is the sound I make when I get angry.

Right so, I've been playing for a little while, off and on, but I keep finding myself in the same situation. I really only play single-player and every so often, a TCP/IP (whatever that means) game w/ a friend. This is for a couple reasons, (1) A computer that has a lot more patience than me, and (2) My mom is convinced that every time you get on the internet, your computer is under siege by every virus known to man. (But this is the same woman who thinks she's making a backup copy of a document by putting a shortcut to it on the desktop, so I won't go too much into that.)

Anyway, my question is, is playng only single-player throughout the game even probable? My highest level character is a lvl47 druid, and he sucks balls. It always happens that way. I'll get so far, and then my character will just get rocked every time he goes out.

One of the big problems I come across with single-player is that every time I look at a different guide or such, it will list specific types of equipment necessary for that build. But there's a really sad rate of finding good items when I play. I'm not sure if it's the same on, but how important is great equipment when playing?

I know there's more problems I have, but this paper I have due in 2 hours is really distracting me, so I can't think of them right now. But I'll post more if I remember.


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Well, if you go to the Single Player forum there are lots of people who'll tell you that the game's possible on SP.

Post details of your characters there and people will try to post advice on what to do. Most guides are written under the assumption that you're playing on Bnet and have access to every item known to man - most of the time in SP you have to make do with the best rare/magic stuff you can find!


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yea, i noe it is fustrating not being able to find items..but u should still be able to survive. Just look at wat the main point of the items are (leech life, faster cast rate, etc) and a lot of rare and magic items help too. U can gamble and get lucky. and remember to put points in the right places, skill points are very valuable. sadly, the better ur items, generally the better the char is. yup, the sp forum can hlp alot too. if u dink ur druid sucks too much, delete him or don't play him, create a new one, and learn from ur mistakes ^^


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I don't play that druid any more. Basically, I do learn from my mistakes, but it takes a really long time to get far enough that I realize I've made one. Oh well, hopefully I can get my own computer before summer, and then I can devote a lot more time. I'll try the single player forum too. Thanks.


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try looking up all the crafting receipts and stuff
it's amazing what you can do yourself with some gems and runes and the cube
about going solo its all good except 1 thing. you will have serious problems with immunes most likely
if you are a melee char and find a couple of nice and juicy mana burn/physical immune monsters then you might aswell say bye bye and try to avoid them, but some places can have tons of these if you're out of luck
as a caster char you'll have to try going 2 elements if possible, if using a sorc then orb and something fire could be nice but dont expect to kill uberquick
another variant could be lightning amazon with jab (physical) for lightning immunes or a cold/fire bowazon


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It is quite hard when you play single player, I remeber that I had especially big problems with the ancients and Duriel when I played single player. In 1.10 it has become even harder (assuming you play 1.10). The best suggestion is to play a Hammerdin, a paladin with maxed blessed hammer and it's synergies and maxed concentration. Without very good items you will still be able to kill almost everything in the game since the hammers deal magic damage and are also unblockable and piercing. The best suggestion is to play online, you can still play single player if you want and only join games when you really cannot advance any further by yourself.

Have fun !


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I don't know if you're up for starting a new char, but 2 characters that can hold their own in single player with /players set pretty high are the Skelemancer and Strafezon. This is the key to getting some good gear rolling when you are on your own.

With the Skelemancer, max Raise Skeleton and Skeleton Mastery then Corpse Explosion. Amp Damage everything and use a Might merc from NM act 2. This char can wear a ton of cheap MF gear (use 4 Ptopaz armor and 3 Ptopaz helm)

The Strafezon can't wear as much MF and needs a bit better gear (a bow in particular) but is quite safe with a maxed Valkyrie and max Strafe. A Might or Blessed Aim merc will help too.

PS The thread title cracks me up.


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I only play SP, and I have a limited inventory of cool stuff compared to most players. I only have one mule. I can definitely be done, but your first couple builds will freqently find items that your future builds will benefit from(and be rather weak, sadly).

Thats why a lot of SPers build a MC Sorc...she can help every future character be a lot stronger.

The Single Player forum is great, although they still talk about having all the good stuff, they also talk about getting just the right skills in your build so you can still kick some butt.

Download ATMA, if you haven't already, and start saving up some goods for your future badass build.