A Wrong Impression


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A Wrong Impression

Welcome-Hom-Hom-Hom ...

" If People You've MP'd With Have Been Hacking And / Or Duping, And Especially If You've Ever Received Items From Those Persons, I Believe You Will Be Considered To Be 'Tainted' EG. Not Allowed To MP, Trade or Host Giveaways. If You Choose Not To Do Any Of Those Things There's No Problem, But If You Do Want To, You May Have To Do A Complete Restart I'm Afraid ... " - - Quoting "SomethingSin"

I Would Like To Clarify A Couple of Things, Mainly Due To The Fact That I Don't Want To Be Labelled As Tainted :( I Appreciate And Respect The Concern of Those Who Run This Forum About Hacked / Duped Items, And In No Way Condone Such Actions.

I Did Play On TCP/IP With My Friends And My Brothers, And Know For A Fact That My Brothers Don't Hack, He Plays Right Beside Me, And Has The Same View on It As I Do. When I Mentioned That I Suspected My Friends Where Busting Out "Good Old Jamella's" I Was Referring To The Fact That They Had A Level ... 93 Sorceress ( Or Something Around Those Lines, Which They Claimed To Have Levelled Up To There. ) My Brother Had Done A Similair Build, An Orb Sorc, Who'd Made It To Hell Difficulty, And Still Had A Problem Killing Hell Cows For Experience.

Although They Claimed To Have Stayed Up All Night Playing And Levelling, I Still Found It Hard To Believe, And Therefore, Never Traded With Them, Simply Because of My Similair View on "Tainting."

I'm 100% Legit, And Although I've Never Heard of ATMA's Before Coming Here, Ill Be Sure To Do So Once I Get Home. I'll Also Be Checking All My Items For Legitimacy Just To Provide Myself With Some "Peace of Mind."

I Hope I'm Not Labelled As Tainted In These Forums, *L* I'd Hate To Have To Start Over To Just Participate ... Don't Want To Loose The Results of My 16 Hour Meph Run Spree's :(

Cheer - & Ciao


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I treat you as a legit player. I don't trade or give items away or MP much so it's useless to you... :)
But I think the whole community believes you being legit too. It's nice to see that the newcomers cares about their legitimness and not claim something about their Enigma and BOTD...


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Stop those overly capitalised posts, or I'll kick you in the head with my shin kicking boots.
Also is lvl93 that hard to achieve/believe?
I think I could reach it in a month(1-93 of course) with "the right build". Also, if you're playing 1.10, than pure orb sorcs aren't "the pwns" unless you're very rich.


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Sorry if I seemed a bit harsh in your intro thread, that was not my intention at all.
I was just trying to point out that in case you had done the things I mentioned it would have posed a problem. As in this case you haven't, there is no problem.

pax, and welcome again


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Valiance said:
- Quoting "SomethingSin"
You can do that in any thread, but your welcome thread would have been just as good or better a place. it's
whomever you want to quote said:
then the stuff to quote, you finish with /QUOTE in brackets.

We are rather anal about hacks/cheats/etc. b/c a few too many people have burned us badly, (more than once a several people have had to erase all items, char, and stashes to rid themselves of taint) but I belive that once you clarified as you already had in said intro, most everyone was quite willing to belive you. While I do understand a proactive approach to questions about legitness, the other side of the the coin could be "Me thinks thou doth protest too much." And we certianly do NOT want to think such a thing of you.
Toppo said:
GG 100% lego.
Lego was great, i had a whole crate of it when i was a kid. now that i'm a big kid, i sold it and brought clothes with the money. a good investment.
Ok, now with that post i can see the problem of the capitalizations. ergh.
@somethingsin below: thats some serious lurking he must be doing. 3 posts in a year...


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unoplank said:
Yes, please stop capitalizing that much. It is an eyesore.
having that as your third post since april 2004 must mean it really bothers you.
I dont really mind, but I must admit I find posts with fewer capitals easier to read...


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I didn't even notice the caps issue. The only time I notice caps is if people post with their caps locks on. ;)


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@Valiance: I would believe you as legit player, but again, I don't trade/MP, so I too, is "useless" to you.

lvl93 isn't too hard. Just keep in mind that in 1.10, nobody does cows for level anymore. I you want more exp, run baal.

Sint Nikolaas

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I don't know if this thread was a responce to your intro or something.. but stop using strijdjes avy.. :mad: hate it when someone does that.. me thinking stroodle is back and then realising it's someone else.