A word on hacks and cheats


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A word on hacks and cheats

This site does not aid in the development or pimping of hacks or cheats. See the top of every forum page. We cannot control what you like to do on your own computer, or how you like to ruin the game by the use of these mods. But we can control what you talk about here or what images you post here. Posting screenshots while using these mods will gain you a ban. Telling someone how to get them on these forums, whether through posts or PM's will gain you a ban.

Com' on people. Be smart. I don't like banning people. Especialy when we need good posters here, while we wait for D3. Talk about the game as it was meant to be played.

Any questions? This thread will remain open for questions for one week.



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hm.. were there that many threads about hacks and cheats in the classic forum to sticky something like this?


Moderator: Community, D2 Zon, DH, Inc Clan Officer
Just a friendly warning. I banned someone today. Gorny banned someone in the Community forum last week, for using MH on their computers.


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where do duped items fall in the classic forum? I understand the balance issues that items like "ITH's", and "Whites" brought to LOD, in classic the only duped items that are there are ones that were spawned by the game, and are so pervasive on all the realms its nearly impossible to find people that play 100% legit.


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This is not the rule on MH as stated in the rules on top of every page. It used to be that discussing MH and screen-shotting it was of course frowned upon but not bannable. (Except in the trade forum since trading items found with the assistance of hacks is bannable.) Linking to hacks has always been bannable.

Seeing as this is your territory as mod, if you are banning for something not explicitly stated in the forum rules this sticky is essential. If this is new forum-wide policy I would really have Elly update the forum rules to reflect this, to avoid confusion.

Slight sidebar: Are mods now also banning for things like saying "I use maphack." "I used maphack in the past." "I think maphack is an ok thing to use but don't play anymore." etc. Where is the line between screenshot evidence and verbal evidence? Since discussion of the impact and morality of hacks has always been allowed, how are these new, stricter rules going to affect the ability to reasonably discuss hack avoidance and prevention etc..


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Things obviously did not use to be this strict. Not that I use Maphack at all, but I'm just curious to find out what the stimulus for this perceived change in forum policy is?

From your post to start this thread, I can obviously see that you know it takes good posters to make a good forum.

1. If the forum was fine before this sudden implementation of stricter policy, I'm wondering if this change is necessary at all?

To me it just seems like something happened to warrant this, but for the life of me I did not notice what happened.

2. I think, as SuggestiveName says, if people are going to be banned more and more often for a reason that is still "an option to the mods" then it would be more fair to write it explicitly in the general rules, as you have in the rules for this section of the forum.

Whether or not the mod is of good standing or perceived to be doing a good job by the forumers is a moot point.

In order to protect the mods from undue criticism, it SHOULD be in the rules, this is so that they CAN'T be accused of going on a power trip by simply exercising "an option" rather frequently for other's liking.


I'll add a bit here, from what I said in the community forum :

waaaghboss will likly be unbanned

Because his screenshot with maphack and r2 d2 does not really break any rules. Also, Someone saying that they use maphack will not earn a ban. Be warned though that if he ( or anyone for that matter.) says that they use maphack to spy another person ingame, or in any way pushes or promotes MH, or any other cheat a ban will result.

The above does not apply to the trade forums becuse their rules differ somewhat.

Also one last note, if anyone plays Classic, the use of maphack and or bots can earn a ban when in connection with the trading of items.

This issue (waaaghboss's ban for a screenie with MH and R2d2) is now closed and further questions should be addressed in a PM.