A trade question thats not a trade question


A trade question thats not a trade question


how up to date are the trade valuations. they still list a ZOD as 4.5 ISTS when they trade as 2Ists Today

i recently put up a number of items for trade and i have no idea what they are worth. hardly anyone gives valuations.

offers are coming in and i do not know whether to accept or they are just having a laugh or what.

i need some advice please. otherwise i might end up giving away my 6sox eth zerker axe for a chipped gem.

many thanks


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You can always ask for a price check in the trade values forum for anything expensive. Other than that you're just going to have to read lots and lots of trade threads to see what the rates are.

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Yea over time you'll get a general feel for how much everything is and it should eventually fall into place.

And I wouldn't get your hopes up about the trade value forum btw, because it appears that there might be 2 posts a day in that whole forum and many people hardly get even one pc on the item they wish, and not to mention most of the threads are Europe.