A Thread to Call My Very Own


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A Thread to Call My Very Own

since I got my eyelids pulled over my kneecaps for hijacking someone else's welcome thread, I'll make my own :)

Hi! I'm me. Uh... me being Désirée, a 35 y-o filmmaker from Long Beach. Been playing D2 since it was released. Only took one time attempting B-net to realize I'm an SP kinda gal. I also play MP with my fiancée whose computer is set up about 6 feet away from mine. Our first 'team' together are both level 53 (my dual-wielding martial arts assassin and her ice arrow bowazon) and have just hit the waypoint for the Canyon of the Magi in nightmare act II.

My cats MommyCat, Squeaker & Mop say hi also. now go answer my questions in my assassin mind blast thread :xtongue:


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Welcome HBeachBabe!

Enjoy your stay and don't forget to drop by the EMB and have a cold on on me, actually... the first one is always on Mage11 ;)


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Welcome aboard HBeachBabe, hope you enjoy your trip. Enjoy the insanity!

*rushes off to check Mind Blast thread as commanded even though he's quite inexperienced with it*

Butz. :teeth:


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Hi BeachBabe,

once again welcome to the forum! :D The reminders are the same as in the other thread: Squid, Lucy, Gregory, Blame Durf, read FAQ, drink at EMB etc.

Also, if you like I can put you on the SPFer location list


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Welcome too HBeachBabe. Lady D2 players are regarded like elites here in the SPF so I'm sure you'll feel right at home here.


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Ohh, another +1 thread! :D

Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay!!

Have another :drink: at the EMB on me.. (that kinda rhymed, yeah)


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Welcome, and enjoy your stay! :) Best of luck with that 'sin. MA 'sins are my favorite character.


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Hello and welcome to this our beloved Isle of Single players. Take a seat, have a look and go get yourself a drink or two at The EMB - it's on the house or on me.

Enjoy your stay here, as we all do. And never hesitate to ask a question.


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all your threads are belong to us

meaning...me myself and I and my other personalities that still refuse to speak to me...


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Hi BeachBabe, welcome to the forums, hope u enjoy your stay, ow and my cats frits and Suca say hi to your cats :wink: