A Team-Play Untwinked Pally Thought

Von Lazuli

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A Team-Play Untwinked Pally Thought

Since I intend to play as part of a team of 4 and play the game from start till finish soon, I just wanted to get some impressions on my build. Other members of the party will probably be a Warcry/Crushing Blow Barb and 2 Elemental Characters (Trap assassins, Sorceresses something...)

Acctually it is not truly untwinked, rather it is going by Flux's (?) 'Just a...' plan, where you get two twinked items, 1 for leveling with, and one end game.

Anyway, here is my build thought.

Von Lazuli's Party Pally!

20 Prayer
1 Cleansing
20 Holy Bolt
1 Charge
15 Conviction
16 FOH
14 Holyshock (or whatever, just optimized)

With my leveling weapon an Insight Rune Staff and my endgame weapon an Insight Archon Staff (258%ed, 17 Meditation... woo!)

Anyway, I was thinking this provides the best of everything to the party. Top Notch Healing, Conviction, decent Physical Damage and a third element type.

Any thoughts?