A story of triumph in the new season


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A story of triumph in the new season

It begins with me getting screwed by larzuk on the socketing quest.
He gave me 3 sockets on a superior broadsword knowing fully well that I ordered 4.

I told Larzuk to go to hell and give me my money back but he said no refunds. I cursed his mom out and then left to find me a new broadsword.

Thus began the quest of my level 26 sorc to find the sacred 4os broadsword of godliness.

So at level 45 while taking care of some shady looking cows with warpikes, I found the desired 4 socket sword. Unfortunately, upon application of the runes as provided by Blizzard corporation's 'how to be a better sorc' handbook, I only got a 27 fcr spirit.

I wrote a letter to them expressing my feelings on the matter but have yet to get a response on that.

I decided to take out my frustrations on Shenk, that Jerk that moves around with a rowdy crew of cold boars that love to blow themselves up Islamic fundamentalist style.

But lo and behold, what did I spy on the floor after giving them a what for? An eth partizan lying there for anyone to pick up! And that someone was going to be me!!

Referring to my sorc handbook as provided by the good folks at Blizzard, I happened upon a runeword that would alleviate my abysmal mana situation.
But alas! I had no sol rune and the folks on the ladder were being more than a little unreasonable about the pricing so I knew I was going to have to go about this the hard way.

Andariel wasn't too thrilled about this though but I'm not too thrilled about the way she runs around with her bossoms exposed so I called it even and proceeded to waste her about 10 times in a row getting some jolly good gear along the way. Not least of which was the coveted sol rune:thumbup:

Liberal applications of my haggling skills procured me a few flawless amethysts.
And I already had a ral and an amn from a previous expedition into hell.

So with fingers crossed, I used a technique found in the 'So you have a Horadric cube, now what?' magazine to actually transmute 4 holes into my eth partizan and IT WORKED!!

Upon placing my new sol rune, along with my other runes into it, I received for all my troubles at level 68, a level 17 meditation insight and I must say I am jolly pleased with the results:thumbup: