a SP question(s) about tesladins..


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a SP question(s) about tesladins..

hello all, ive recently (like alot of of others) come from playing on bnet and back to sp where i first started. i have a couple of decent chars that ive been mf with and now that i have a pretty dencent base to start from i was going to start a Tesladin to take a break for tying to Pat my necro. the only problem is that i dont know much about em. Ive read the guide and decided to go with the balanced HS/melee build and was wondering if any1 could give me some advice on playing one. most of the info ive been able to dig up seems to come from the pally forum and includes the words infinity or dual dream :cry: . i use atma and have started him good and twinked out so norm should be a breeze and i dont expect too many problems in Nm either but hell has me really worried, so any advice would be very very welcome.


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i like with elemental paladins to go with dual aura, teslafroster for example.
if you'll build a tesladin consider the option to make a PB crescent moon runeword.
phase blade have low Pdam to go with max zeal sacrifice route.
you'll have a might merc so he will do enought physical damage for you and you'l l do light and cold damage. if you have dracul gloves you become invincible..
check my teslafroster to make some ideeas.
some tips for hell
don't get crowded
retreat some steps and take 2-3 monsters at a time. you'll kil them faster that zealing at 5 of them. let the merc tank and you from behing make the killing.
try to max light rez. this is important, many deaths of my chars come from LE monsters and gloams.
next in importance are fire and poison. cold isn't necesary to max cuz you'll have Raven frost on a ring slot for CBF and good absorb cold.
try to have some CB gear. with it you'll kill bosses faster.


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...So you have no problems at all! :) Dreams are just luxuries. Holy Shock is strong enough as it is. Long time ago in 1.10beta ( i played the beta for long time) I had one not-so-good tesladin. He was not twinked but that didn't stop him from finishing the game at clvl 84

Here's his sucky equipment...
Crescent Moon Phase Blade
Naj's Light Plate Hellforge Plate /w Ruby - cewl
Rockstopper Sallet /w Ruby,too lol
Crafted +1 pal + bull****s ammy
Taebaek's Glory Ward /w PDiamond
i don't remember the rest
Only burning souls and Storm Casters could stop me, but Teabeak's did the work... otherwise it's a very pleasant to play with this hero!


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cool. thanks for the advice. i was planning a cresent moon pb since my necro got an Um rune for his hell-hellforge. ive found 3 ravens so far with my sorc and one of em is actually pretty close to perfect so that will help. i played him yesterday whenever i had time to spare and now hes lvl 35 and just took out shenk all on /p8. :cloud9: im worried about having good armor for him and finding some good gloves.
one more question... should i max HShock and light res synergy 1st and just let zeal wait or should i max HShock and Zeal 1st?


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1. 4 points in zeal (u dont need AR boost in normal or nm + u have Ravens :))
2. put a point in all pre-reqs and rest into Resist Lightning. Save 2 points only!
3. at lvl 24 & 25 put 2 points in Holy Shock
4. your saved points go to Holy Shield. Build it to slvl5 + items
5. Now MAX out Holy Shock
6. and light resist
7. i suggest pumping Holy Shield to max now
8. max zeal
9. any rest points go in salvation or sacrifice.

Don't wory for the armor - anything with high defence will do.
and... if u are untwinked go for higher Strenght - 160 or so. This way if you find, for example SShield or Balrog Skin you can use them.