A smiter who needs help.


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A smiter who needs help.

Hi people, im quite new to smiter stuffs, so i need some help on my smiter.
I've been reading all kinda guides and its stated that Fort is somewhat the best smiter armor both in PvP and PvM. I've been wearing CoH since i can't afford a Fort, but recently i got one but once i tried wearing Fort on it dosent add any dmg to my smite. I'm using Lwz btw not grief.
The possible reasons i've been thinking of:

-Only grief adds direct dmg towards smite wherelse wearing any other weap combined with Fort dosent add any dmg to smite except for Grief.

-Fort dosen't add dmg to smite totally(But i don't think so)

-My char is bugged.. :cry:

Sorry if i asked some newbie stuffs, but im more of a 1.09 era player who just came to the future.