A small give away..


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A small give away..

I'm bored and most of the characters expired on my other 2 accounts.

Both of the accounts are up for grabs. They both only have 1 character on them though. They're both on USEast.

The first one has my 1.09 PvP WW Barb. Still decked out with all his gear and a bunch of crap in his stash. Account name *HavocReign

The second has my crappy 1.09 MF sorc. All her gear intact. Albeit that it does suck. Account name *DivineWraith

Either way, it's free crap. And just to clarify, since they are 1.09 characters, they are also non-ladder. If that wasn't obvious to begin with..

Now the catch..

I'm not going to ask for a joke, or an essay or anything like that. All you have to do is whisper me on *Wraithaven for the password to either account or both. First come, first serve.

I would just post the passwords here.. But they wouldn't make it pass the language filter. :D

You have about 15 minutes from the time of this post before it ends. Because once I get tired of waiting, that's it. So, be quick.