A singer


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A singer

So, my question is whether a singer could still kill things in PvP. I was thinking of hitting the 200fcr breakpoint, but I have read that it is too buggy and you will probably miss teleports. I assume the damage will be relatively low, but the crappy fhr on the casters should make them an easy kill, or not? I did read the guide, but I saw that most people were just saying how much they suck. Nevertheless, it seems fun to me and all kind of feedback is welcome. :)


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Re: A singer

one problem with singer i can think of is that the warcry can be blocked. this is extremely annoying when dueling pallies, such as hammerdins, who have very high block rate easily. a hammerdin with high fcr is very hard for singers. other casters, such as sorc, may be easier, since the time for them to block may be too long thus resulting a lock...


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Re: A singer

Sorcs are EZ kills alomst no matter what, there are a few builds that will win most all the time, Dreamsorcs kill me in no time, its best not to fight pallys/barbs, FoHers can be beat and auradins can be beat...with ,luck, and Blizz sorcs are HARD! 200% fcr is impossible with enigma, if you can find a ring with 10% and Tele you can hit 200% with viper magi. sins are super hard if they use MB which they usualy do, and WWsins are tough if you dont get to them b4 the WW.
my setup
10% ring/mana/life ring, 3wc ammy
2xHotO's--for higher dmg
trang gloves
3WC delerium helm

i kinda just threw it together, 1106 mans with wizzys, 840 with HotO's
My dmg is in the 1400's and 1600's-1780's with hoto's, i have 8wc charms and 1. 58 mana charm, torch...no anni yet