A simple introduction


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A simple introduction


I've just returned to D2 a couple of weeks ago, and decided to start and stay on single-player.

Couple of years back, I used to play only on the realms. I lacked the patience and determination so none of my characters went far, so nothing to write home about with regards to the past.

I'm back now, after a year or so of WoW and EQ2, being in the army pretty much whacked my playtime. Chose to start on single-player mainly because none of my friends are playing anymore, so I figured that there isn't really any incentives to be playing on the laggy realms.

Some personal background information, i'm a male in his twenty, bornt and living in Singapore. Currently serving National Service (NS), it's a compulsory 2 years service in the army for all able males in Singapore. I'm reaching the end though, 3 more months and i'm out. After that will be 7 months of break before university starts.

I've been lurking for awhile, reading the countless helpful guides and threads here, notably Nightfish's Fishymancer guide. Made my Fishymancer soon after reading it, and a couple of weeks later, Poofistein is at 77.

He's current in Hell Act 1, I stopped progressing in hell when I hit the Inner Cloiser waypoint, and headed back to Nightmare for some Meph / Baal runs. Ran them for a bit now and i'm finally moderately equipped.

A little side-note about my username though, it appears that Poof, or Poofie, has an alternate meaning than what I thought was simply to *POOF, he's gone!*. I hope no one takes offense to my username, and have my reassurance that it does not take its meaning from any slang.

A simple introduction went too long, I should get some sleep now, back to camp tomorrow.

Safe hunting.


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*kick Poofistein shin*
read the rules , be nice with EU's and give me your cookies
some fav builds?


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And don't worry about the name thing, poof is more of a UK slang than a US slang so it will only sound funny to the UK/Aussie crowd.


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welcome to the spf have enjoy your stay and dont give nebux your cookies....
give them to me mahaha. also make sure you stop by the emb and maybe even the dool while your at it. first drinks on durfs tab then the rest are also on his tab.....


Welcome!!! You are in Singapore? Then we lived so near! I'm a Malaysian and stayed in Sarawak state! Nice to meet you! Enjoy your stay here and beware of item hackers..


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I can verify Im a texan redneck and the poof thing means nothing to me. though some insight might be funny?


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Yo, welcome indeed, remember to read the sticky's too. but I guess you did that already hence the intro post :)

It took me a while to figure it out but I don't think it's nececary to suffer. EU = Elite Uniques... all the girls/ladys/woman/chicks/ whatever you want to call the female humans - they are refered to as EU's :) Oh that's in the stickys too.

Anyway beware the squid and the wrath of mods (no they actualy very very nice ppl, we love the mods) ok now that I sucked up to the mods it is time.... time for what?


*Stick a noddy badge on Poofistein*


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Quizzart said:

And don't worry about the name thing, poof is more of a UK slang than a US slang so it will only sound funny to the UK/Aussie crowd.
You damn straight it does :wink3:...

Welcome to the forum!


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Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone.

Fishymancer is pretty much the only build i've been playing so far, i'll probably try for a Meteorb sorc when I can have a set of decent sorc gear. First couple of characters i'll have will be mostly pure MFs to build wealth.

Ahhhh so I assumed you moved out of Malaysia Suiling? Where do you live now?

Well, Poof is actually a slang for homosexual, or so I was told. So Poofistein will make for a homosexual monster.

I've read the stickies, but still thanks for the clarifications FreakII.

Thank you so much everyone again for the warm welcome, time to hit Meph again and hope he drops some neat loot.

Good hunting!

Fists of Legend

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Welcome to the forum.:wave: Looks like everyone else beat me here so I'll just say my usual.

Stop by the EMB sometime and have a beer on me.


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@FoL: Btw I never got my from you at EMB ?

@poof: If you going to do a Metorb I sugest taking a look at my thread, you can lear alot about the sorc.
Click ME for thread!
There are also a lot of others to check :)