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A simple and effective hardcore K/T

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by prion, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. prion

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    A simple and effective hardcore K/T

    I wrote this up a while ago and debated whether it was worth posting. I certainly don't have a lot of experience with assains, but i do have the following experience.
    ~this is not a guide, it's a basic build~

    A. Skills

    Listed in order of importance:
    prereqs: claw mastery, psycho hammer, BoS, shockweb, fireblast (5)

    20 lightning sentry
    20 charged bolt sentry
    20 death sentry
    20 dragon talon
    ~4 Fade
    1 mind blast
    1 venom
    1 cloak of shadows
    1 tiger strike

    That's 93 skill points, so we can call the build 'finished' at level 82 including the skill quests, or earlier if you don't want certain skills.

    I played norm untwinked as a pure trapper, then got rushed through nightmare. It wasn't until I was preparing to enter Hell that I decided on my final build. I then added kicks and Venom as my means of dealing with lightning immunes. Tiger Strike was the last skill I got after I decided I wanted more raw physical damage to deal with LI's.

    I never went with any kind of Shadow, because:
    1) I almost always play with others so I didn't need an extra tank;
    2) I have MB and Cloak for crowd control anyways.

    In the end may have been better to spend the points and go ahead and get shadow master rather than the extra points I 'wasted' in tiger strike and venom. My final build has the extra points scattered in various places, and it would've been better to focus on something.

    B. Stats
    I followed the basic formula pretty much all the way through, in other words:
    vit=the rest

    Here's a screenie at level 89. That screenshot does not include Fade or my torch. With Fade I get about 50 res all (which maxes them) and 10% or more PDR. This build is totally viable without the torch, so I stuck it in my cube for that screencap.

    important strength numbers to note:
    103=Archon Plate
    125=war boots (gore riders)
    133=Gerke's Sanctuary
    163=double-upped gobs

    C. Gear
    I'll just cover what I have worn and what I've got now. As this isn't a real guide I won't go into great detail.

    Amulet = +1 assa with some resists
    Weapon = Spirit, Bartuc's with Eth rune
    Sheild = pdiamond Gerke's
    weapon switch = another bartuc's and a +3 shadow claw, used for prebuffing.
    --new weapon switch: Voice of reason and another Gerke's
    Hat = Peasant Crown, rare +2 Circlet
    Armor = Duriel's shell, Naj plate, Duress AP
    ring 1 = manald or ring with damage/leech on it
    ring 2 = ravenfrost
    belt = crafted blood belt
    Gloves = bloodfist, venom grip, blood craft, +2 MA w/ some res
    boots = safety war boots, imbued scarabshell boots, marrows(hehe), double-upped gobs

    merc: currently using holy freeze. I don't have any issue with lack of corpses.
    hat = tal's mask
    Armor = naj plate, Duriel's shell, a dual res safety craft
    weapon = kelpie, bonehew

    D. Uses
    This build is for PvM Hardcore. I primarily run Arcane Sanctuary for the summoner's keys, as there are no lightning immunes, and about half the time, mind blast and cloak will let you slip by the enemies without bothering to kill them. She is also good companion for Baaling, Chaosing, or any other team activity.

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