A serious PvP throwbarb thread

A serious PvP throwbarb thread

Well since all the good threads got deleted it's time we have another discussion on this topic. Seems like everyone wants to make one but they don't really have PvP in mind. Well I do.

My thoughts on gear:
Prereqs: 48-50% DR, ~13k AR, as much +life and +stat as possible, max resists in hell (not possible with average gear).

There are a multitude of ways you can go gear wise. But for increased throw damage your best bet will be +skills. +masteries specifically. Alot of people disagree with this. If you are one of them then demonstrate it mathmatically please.

Gear Thoughts:
Helm: Arreats face "ber" +30 resist 8% DR, 20 str/dex
Armor: Chains of honor or enigma
Boots: Gores or stat boots
Gloves: crafted with IAS and CB and +stats
Belt: Verdungos
Ammy: Highlords or rare with +skills, +resists, +life
rings: BK
weapons: highest ed% stygian pilums you can find
Charms: masteries +life, max/ar/life, vita, resist

on switch
fury bb and SS.

Stats: coming later haven't got this far yet
Skills: need to review this will post it later.

Post your ideas here, don't just post your ideas but post the theory behind by you think it will work. Thanks.
i did some gear reviews and this is the final gear choice for me.

Arreats "ber"
coh (don't know what armor type yet)
Skull heart ammy
bk ring
ravenfrost ring
Loath Grasp gloves
Death Treads boots
rare stygian pilums with 300+ ed, AR, IAS, regen

charms remain the same

max throw mastery
max double throw
max double swing
max BO
split whatever is left and put at least one point in BC, IS and NR.


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ill tell you what i have on my barb.

Dual Gimmershreds
Arreats with 27ed/15ias
Shaftstop with 8max/15ias
IK Gloves, Boots, and Belt
Dual Ravens

20 BO
20 Throw Mastery
20 Double Swing
5 Natural
1 Axe Mastery
1 WW
1 Frenzy
1 Battle Command
1 Increase Speed
1 in each prerequisites

120 str
170 dex
140 vit

my barb is around level 74, still in nightmare. i have 2k life and only have max resist on lightning, fire and ice in nightmare, poison is about 68. my damage is 5k each hand with double throw with 8k ar. Resistance is hard to max for me, unless i use CoH with charms which i dont have. i beat ppl around my level most of the time, unless they have godly gear.

i was just wondering have you made one yet? cuz you should experience them 1st hand b4 trying to get the godly gear.
yes I have made several in single player. I won't use glimmers since i consider amp to be bm. Aside from that I want to use javs and stygians have fastest base speed for barbs with highest avrg dmg and stack size. Also more AR is critical for taking out defiance palas and s/s barbs.
no need to get testy. I think I was mistaking glimmers for lacerator. Glimmers don't do enough dmg imo. The elemental dmg is nice but not a factor to me. With the right charms and gear my throw barb can to 7k throw dmg or more with better 300%+ ed javs.