A Safe Pit Runner?


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A Safe Pit Runner?

So my friend found a ethereal 6 socket CB in a pit run..so I got excited and went into a 2 ppl game..entered the Pit (my first time ever)..and I run into a mob of light immune archers..and before I know, my blue orb is drained all the way, and so is my red orb. Yup, my char died...with 900 life/1000 mana..i guess no-block really killed me...

So I was wondering..what's a good/safe character that can clear out the pit relatively fast in low-ppl games but most importantly be very safe?


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Skellymancer with high Corpseexplode and a stong might merc.. :)

get a body and start popping....and the best of all, you could go MF gear and mf only


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Yep, Skellemancer is probably safest. Hammerdins and Wind-Druids are great too. Hammerdins get great blocking and defense with Holy Shield and Druids have elemental protection via Cyclone Armor and can divert attention with summons. Both have plenty of killing speed too. My fave is Hammerdin. The only thing in the game immune to the hammers are some Act 3 Wailing Beasts. For them I use Charge or Smite and also let the merc do his job for a change.

A tip - walk toward fast, heavy hitters instead of running to keep your block rate up. Even if it's low there's no point in making it lower. Blocking is signifantly reduced when running and one block you may miss because of the difference can cost your life. Of course the 100% mana burn that one finds more often in 1.10 is just plain annoying even if it doesn't result in death.


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My merc is most secure (HF, Reapers toll/Amn - 21LL, delirium, upgraded eth shaft/Um). He hade eth Rockstoper before but I just love curses.
Oh... My zeal/conviction pally can help sometimes - if not buisy with drops :D


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Physical and magic attacks using chars are the best. Theres no immunitys to those damage forms in the pits.

Btw. Is it worth to clean whole pit lvl1? Theres plenty of uniq monsters, but is it the same mlvl in lvl1 and lvl2?


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my fav. pit/WSK character is a skelliemancer... hes just so god damn powerful. i cant even melee hell baal with my IK barb.
yea always clear lvl 1 and 2 because they have the same chances to drop good items and their are a hell of alot more monsters in lvl one.
friggin rare sacred armours :(


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Hammerdin is my choice. You kill very fast yourself and add to that your merc will benefit from your aura (my concentration gives a bit ovver +500% damage). So he's killing very fast in the pits by himself. If the archers are too strong (well... very rare) I let my merc go in the pack and he either distract them while I attack on another side and 2-3 hammers gets the job done or he simply clear them alone...


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Aww bone mancer is the way to go. No magic immunes in pit. Quicker than skelliemancer. Bone shield offers you 500'ish hp of protection that can be regenerated at the click of the mouse. You barely need bone wall or bone prison. Just spear your way through and CE the hoards.
So far my bone mancer has gotten WF, 2 GF's, Leviathan, Ormus's Robes, Occy, IK armor etc. in pit.


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Voldemort said:
I have been running the pits with my hammerdin and I haven't died yet

Me too , I tryed almost every chars built possible and the Hammerdin is the very best char to run the Pit and any area btw too.



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I keep reading about how Hammerdins rock the Pits... I cant help but wonder, aren't the narrow walls of the tunnels a problem?




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Nah. You just go up to them and blast hammers in their faces. You can take whatever punishment goes on, with max block, lots of life, and using vigor to get up there.


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The walls aren't a problem at all. I had the same fear before hopping into the Pit, and the hammers have plenty of space to do their thing usually. I mean, you have to be a bit smart about it. But it's a great place to learn how to use the hammer, and where you should be and where you shouldn't be to kill critters. I'd say within 5 runs you can go from being bad to being decent with hammers. The first run or two might seem troublesome, but with 75% block and proper technique, it'll soon become fairly easy.


Arent sorcs still the fastest?

My sorc with max block/DR/resists has no problem clearing the pit with Meteor/Fireball/Orb and a Merc.


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IMHO, The biggest danger in the Pit are Archer packs, especially if they're Champions, or have a Boss among them. Keeping this in mind...

While alot of folks reccomend a Hammerdin for the pit, in my experience, between the having to position yourself to make sure your hammers hit in the first place (and I'm not even talking narrow confines of the Pit), and Hammerdins being very vunerable to ranged attackers (especially Boss archers with Might, MS, Amp Damage etc) I have to say I wouldn't reccomend this char for Pitruns. You need to be fairly close to your targets to hit them with your Hammers, and most ranged attackers tend to move away from you as you approach them, leaving you to have to close the distance again and start anew with more hammers...all the while they're pegging away at you from afar.

This has been my experiences with a Hammerdin in general, as well as in the Pit. Hammerdins are lousy with ranged attackers...imho, and you will encounter archers in the pit, more often than not.

That being said, personally, I'd go with a Strafezon. I run the Pit all the time with my Strafezon, and she does it fast and safely with her Merc and Valk tanking for her. Decoy takes care of those Archers...by the time they've taken out the Decoy, I've taken them out with a volley of Strafe. Even before anything shows up onscreen, a Strafe probe will usually kill everything before I even see them. Knockback also helps here...keeping enemies at a safe distance while you waste them with arrows.

From what I've seen of Skelemancers and Wind Druids, I'd say they're also good options for Pitrunning...though I'd say the Skelemancer would be less prone to ranged attacks given the number of meatshields available. A druid with some summons should be able to counter this as well.

I haven't tried Pitruns with my ChainOrb Sorc, but i understand they're excellent in the Pit as well.

hope this helps,



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My lvl 84 lightning Trappasin clears the pit really fast, and I have crappy gear.

My skills are:

Maxed Lightning Sentry
Maxed Death Sentry
Maxed Charged Bolt Sentry
Maxed Web Shock
A few in Shadow Master

I have two +2 Assassin skill claws purchased from Anya (looking for some +3 trap claws from hell anya), with two +3 Shadow Disp claws on switch for casting SHadown Master and Fade.
Either a +3 trap or +1 Assasin w/mf ammy
crappy 4 P Topaz Armor
Chance guards
Crappy mf boots

I have around 230 mf. With my + skills, I can have between lvl 26 - lvl30 lightning sentry, which does awesome damage. I have no problem with lightning immues beacuse there are always plenty of bodies all over the place for death sentry.

I've never died doing the pits, and can run it in a couple minutes.


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Hammerdins are best, if u want to do it on high /players x, i could do it on players 6 with my 10k dmg hammers really fast, but if u want to do it on players 1, go with strafezon\skellimancer, really fast booth :lol: