A ROSE by any other name - Item Find Thread April 2017

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@Grape How dare you post this now, after during MFO when I reported to you that I found my first eth Tomby -- and it rolled one socket? :)

I honestly wish now that people will find their eth three socket Tombies after they have the RJoFs so they don't become as obsessed finding the jewel(s) as I did. :p


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@Grape Depends on what you consider worthy RJoFs I guess. I don't have anything really good like 15/35+ but would have just used the best ones I had honestly before waiting several years. :p

Also I'm not complaining, after all no one can stop me from Zodding that 1os Tomby. :D


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As long as people won't use Rusty of Fervors I won't complain :p

Seeing as I could cube many Zods for my Zod God sept, I could've just double Shael'd this one back then for the time being, heh.


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@Grape that is absolutely stunning. I’ve yet to find an Ethereal Tomb Reaver, or even a regular TR since my restart for that matter. The one Zod I have is going to be used for BoTD and I am not Rune rich enough to cube one at this point, but for an instance such as yours I say it’s definitely worthy.

I am still looking for both Ruby Jewels at this point; a 30 fire resist/15 IAS one for an Andy’s and of course any decent ED/15 IAS one. Really, it is weapons like yours that make this game what it is for me. Even after all the years, it just goes to show how important interesting itemization is.


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I honestly wish now that people will find their eth three socket Tombies after they have the RJoFs so they don't become as obsessed finding the jewel(s) as I did. :p
I have the 3os eth Tomby and 2 RJoFs, but I'm waiting for an actual Zod to drop (however long the wait). Who knows, I might even get a higher damage 3os eth Tomby before then.:rolleyes:


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I have been in a severe Rune drought lately. Every now and then my Sorc gets sidetracked on the way to the Pit(her driver cant help it sometimes when there are a mass of monsters taunting her). She killed a lone monster on the way to the opening and low and behold:
I cant remember where this dropped, but it seemed interesting enough to keep. Being reqlev 49 its probably not that good for twinking, but if I wanted some style points for something one of these days maybe it could be put to use:
Something I've been looking for, but a little higher on the Fire Res of course:
And this little hat. My experience with Assassins is not enough to know if this is a nice find or not. It seems like getting Larzuk to punch a hole in it would make for a usable item?


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@Grape I’m still a Cham away from mine. Congratulations, eTomby is a small & exclusive club.

@darkstarhub Assassin circlet is ok I guess, but nothing special. Worth sticking in a stash though.


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I had a window (which is now shut) to squeeze in a few runs, while my son was playing for himself and not terrorizing me or my computer. One of Listers thugs dropped me this beauty, with 94% MF from Enigma. My third one ever, about time to put it to use.

And I was just thinking about making a bowazon :D



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During the last weeks I run CS about every second day for 1 hour on average and finally hit level 96 with the Hammerdin.
Died quite a lot of times, think it was 4 or 5 times, but the last ~100 millions of exp went smooth.


Haven´t gotten anything worth posting on my way to 96 - although a third Combat Skiller helped to improve the damage from battle hammer to 11k (CtA buffed).

But a few runs later, starting my way to 97, I got this little gem -


It´s only a defense upgrade of 4 points, but I´m still very happy about it. That 120% ED makes it my first perfect & especially useful item :)


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Some 800 AT runs later, I'm beginning to like the dry streaks. After 3 batches of almost nothing but gems I was certain some awesome drops are just around the corner :)


Unfortunately, the dweb is my fourth with +1, but two more grailers (greaves, crown) were found during this spree.


I felt really great and decided to try my luck with the beta BKWB while I'm still on a roll.


It was a terrible mistake to start an untwinked fire sorc in that version and I'm close to giving up on those rings :/
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