A ROSE by any other name - Item Find Thread April 2017

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Why not have two bowazons? With WF, you will have no ITD, so it would make sense to invest (or maximize) penetrate. Your WF zon could be a pure physical bowazon while the Faith bowazon could be a bow/jav hybrid.
That's what I've been thinking. I started a hybrid named after my burritozon back in the day. BurritoExpress is coming along nicely. I think Burrito_Jr is going to be the WF zon. I realize the name doesn't really make sense without the burrito cannon, but it's about the heritage...or at least that's what I tell myself. I have all the runes for Faith and Pride as well as bases for both, now to find a couple of Lo's to make some fortitudes in wire fleeces so I can pretend they're twitchthroes. I guess I ought to think about a faith merc for the WF build eventually, maybe that's what the next Jah will go into. Anyway, it'll be cool to have a bowazon again. Definitely one of my favorite classes!


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runes been kind of dry (albeit I'm only doing a couple dozen runs a day before bed)



Harpoonist's Grand Charm of Vita
Grand Charm
Required Level: 69
Fingerprint: 0x9db82670
Item Level: 85
Version: Expansion 1.10+
+1 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only)
+40 to Life


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Picking up claws pays off!

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+5 LS, finally! +2 shadow warrior is rather useful as well. It even has a bit IAS, although I would have preferred a quicker claw instead. I guess I'm going to start a trapsin - I should have another +4 LS claw somewhere....
Now I have two of them, heh heh!


Edit: 100 minutes later - what the hell is going on?

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Congrats to all of you who got some of those extremely rare uniquies lately!

Personally haven´t had much time for D2, but here is a little update for the last couple of weeks.

Pretty nice (lightning) Eschutas here.

Highest rune I have ever found so far :) Sadly no real use for it, eventually it might go into a Zod for BotD.

At level 95. Not too cool anymore :x

Also got a [email protected] Viper, sadly haven´t take a screen.


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Wow @BKC, too bad on the one socket, but its still cool to find one of those, as that is one of the items on my all time grail I've yet to find. I wish Pindle would be at least a little kind to me, as all he drops me is poop.
I found another one of these, almost in the same spot as the last one.

But, this is the best small charm I have found in awhile.


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This one is something that was on my all time grail, so it was definitely on the grail list for my untwinked 99'er.

It rolled with only 3 sockets and middle of the road ED, but it was still great to see a green caddy on the screen for the first time ever. The drop definitely came from a random monster and not a champ or unique, just like the Zod did. I keep telling myself to go away from the way I usually play and skip all around like crazy and not kill everything, but I am quite sure in the long run killing everything in a lvl 85 area pays off in some respects.


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Just a few from my time so far in AT. I did get an eth Thresher drop maybe 2-3 runs into AT but unfortunately it rolled 2 sockets. I was able to roll a non eth GT 4 sockets so Merc is currently using that for Insight.

This has to be the first time EVER I've had my first skill GC dropped be applicable to my build..

These were actually from an Urn, 39 roll:


KO Bossy

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OK so today has been interesting...

I tried rolling a Grief the other day, it was an atrocious roll (like 34/345). Had no more runes, so I've been running LK for days. I've found nothing but junk, rune wise, every day except one day when I found a Sur. Felt like I'd done tons of runs and I was getting kind of discouraged with it. Today I had the day off, so I dedicated most of it to playing and decided to run LK again, figuring I was due for something good for a change. Well...

Now I've found 4 HRs and counting...and I'm dead serious that this is all from today. Oh and if you want to count them, I've found 2 Guls in addition to all this as well this afternoon/evening (although I usually just take screenshots of Vex and up).

Most amusing part of it? All I'm looking for is a Mal right now...but I won't complain.
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I envy you.

On the other hand, you might envy me for having found Tyrael's. Once you have it, you can finish the grail with nothing but Pindleskin... assuming that hell Meph already gave you Azurewrath and Arachnid Mesh.


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I do.. I haven't even done anything with the first one. I see zods as something which opens new play paths and my intention is to close existing ones and retire by finally finishing the grail.

Yeah, got both. I could just watch some shows or movies while grinding a little bit of pindle every night and eventually get there.


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Big big rune finds!

Grats for the Ohm @GalaXyHaXz !
Grats for the Zod @Albatross !

I envy you both, but Zod more! :p Never had that drop. Ohm, I can cube that if we speak about the beta CtA, but damn cool to have it drop all by itself!
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