A request for the 1.09 FAQ and some guides gone missing if


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A request for the 1.09 FAQ and some guides gone missing

Could any of you 1.09 players check your internet cache files for this FAQ/Guide? To do this properly (so that you actually see the saved version and don't load new empty one) do this:

1. Go to internet explorers Tools menu, Internet Settings
2. General - page, Temporary Internet Files, Settings
3. View files
4. Scroll to the showthread*.* part to see the saved threads, if you click it there, you will be trying to open the URL to the file's latest version, which will be empty so do this
5. Manually move the files to another directory (drag and drop or copy & paste, which ever works the best for you)
6. View them one by one...or if you have the preview window it'll speed things up

I scrolled through 8800 or so of these files and managed to recover some of the lost guides and FAQs, but there's still lots missing, including this, so could you check for those. If nothing is found...*sigh* I'll start typing it again on the upcoming weekend, as I have it printed out.


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I've checked all mine and found a couple Stickies from the Pally forum for Rag. I encourage everyone else to do so too, it really doesn't take THAT long.


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The revised SPF FAQ will be re-posted shortly. Crazy Runner Guy and Icebird have been busy in the editing room. :D

I have not recovered the 1.09 strategy tips though. If anyone has these we can repost them as well.


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Hm. I wish I could, but I regularly clean up my cache n' stuff. When you share computers, gotta be rid of damning evidince, ya know :uhhuh:


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I can dig out my 1.09 "Introduction to the Assassin". I don't think its changed much since I first posted it (although probably more of historical value now).

And the newly polished and shined, even-better-than-the-last-version Single Player Forum FAQ should be debuting shortly. Okay, I don't think either CRG or myself has quite Darkness' turn of phrase, but its a little shorter and tidier than it was before.