A Reintro


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After a long time away with RL since about the end of 2009 and playing a bit, well a lot of Battle for Middle Earth, I was inspired back by the chance to time travel after some lurking. In fact I started play 1.07 single player on a different PC one holiday last year on a rainy day and just loading up the original LOD disc and liked it

Originally I started with 1.10 , moved to playing 1.11 RWM/RRM and I still have those stashes on a different PC

Now after that I am now playing 1.07 and but now mainly 1.00 in that order

So thanks to the great guides from Helvete, Treeharl and awesome version changer from Fearedbliss and some luck having an original 1.00 Play Disc it is now Classic for me since late Jan this year. I had never played D2 before Expansion Pack because I was too busy play the Civ series and only started play when 1.10 was out
After forgetting my account password, I stumbled across it on the old PC just recently.

I recognise some of the long timers, Thy is still looking out on the spf. I am also happy to see newer crew have joined since I was last around

DII wise I like the Necro and Amazon originally from the 1.10 days but in 1.00 it more Barbs, Sorcs and a Necro
It is good be be back and I will be around, mainly around the 1.00 threads


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Thanks for welcome @BKC, @TopHatCat64, @T72on1.

@zemaj, welcome back

It just happens. Brain bored with the old game(BFME) need new vice. But really the switch was the great information from the members of the SPF and the chance play D2 like I have not played it before. 1.00 has a different game style compared to LoD with runewords. and a merc helping amongst the differences. The TT guides and stories/videos from the crew playing 1.00 was the reason for my return