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A really awesome aspect of DII that must be in DIII, or else DIII would SUCK SO HARD.

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by Andy2702, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Andy2702

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    Oct 11, 2004
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    A really awesome aspect of DII that must be in DIII, or else DIII would SUCK SO HARD.

    Hey guys,

    I haven't posted a single post on this website in about two years, and that's saying something on how much I care about Diablo 3. By the way, do Blizzard employees even care about forums like these? Will they take suggestions like these into consideration?

    So basically I've been an on and off player of Diablo 2 for 10 years, like a lot of people who still play that game today. There is one super important concept of Diablo 2 that makes its replay value the best of any game I have ever come across, and that is the economy. Diablo 2 isn't about beating the game a hundred times over, it is simply about the complexity of the economy and the hopes and intrinsic reward of magic finding items that have great virtual value to them. It is the items that drive this game to its success (and hackers/bots but that's another story and this can and should be controlled in Diablo 3. Come on, it's 2010). A player with good items meant time invested into playing the game (legit players of course) and thus are rewarded with a "better" character.

    World of Warcraft set skill damages per skill level and on simple +damage items or +attack power. Diablo 2 was better in that it set it based on item bonuses (+ skills as opposed to simple +damage and the item itself for damage).

    What makes the economy of Diablo 2 so dominant? Random value generator. To keep things simple, I really hope Diablo 3 keeps (if it doesn't already) the idea of generating random values for its items. For example, the SAME unique item can be worth next to nothing or an absolute fortune based simply on the values that are randomly generated when it drops. Such variation in items allows for the complex and sustainable economy and trade that is Diablo 2.

    If Diablo 3 were to remove this feature, the whole game would suck. A better game in a series does not necessarily mean better graphics or cooler interface, it is taking what worked in previous series and improving it. World of Warcraft didn't incorporate this idea into the game, and it is understandable because MMORPG's are a whole different story when it comes to game design. But I really hope the Blizzard developers don't miss this when it comes to finishing Diablo 3. So far the game looks awesome, but I really hope it doesn't become a birds-eye view World of Warcraft, judging by the number of similarities that I can already spot (hotkey bar... meh). I actually haven't had much contact with Diablo 3 gameplay, so I may be blowing smoke up my ***. However, just my two cents.

    I also want to compliment Blizzard for creating such a system that allows for such amazing replay value to games like Diablo 2. If this suggestion has already been implemented into Diablo 3, then I congratulate them for their attention to detail and true passion for designing great games.

    - Andy

    Oh yeah, and please do something about scammers and loopholes they abuse to easily scam new players. DO NOT REMOVE MF.
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  2. raveharu

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    Re: A really awesome aspect of DII that must be in DIII, or else DIII would SUCK SO H

    You don't have to post multiple times in different sections, just one will do.

    And scammers, nothing can be done about them. You have to play smart, it's the same rule, eat or be eaten.

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