A Re-introduction


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Hello all!

So this year I have (for better or worse :D) gotten back into DII, and each step has come with a sense of denial and reluctance, because this game is just so damn consuming for me (y'all know it). But I do love it so very very much, so here I am!

I want to do a little re-re-intro and I hope you will oblige me, as when I came back to this forum this year, I did so on a new account called "Blushing Crow". You can see my intro thread here. The main reasons I did this were: 1. I couldn't be bothered digging up my login deets for this acct (turns out it wasn't hard), 2. I thought of a funny username and really wanted to use it, and 3. I didn't think anyone would remember me, and a fresh start seemed nice ...

But as I got to posting and seeing people respond, old old familiar people, really nice and honest people, I began to feel uncomfortable using this new acct, pretending I had never been here before, and it seemed un-SPF. I felt too uncomfortable to continue posting in fact, and that sucked!

So I'm hoping to pick up this acct where I left off, and hey, maybe somebody will remember me, though I was never a big part of this community. I hope y'all can understand and forgive me for what I now feel was a foolish blunder.

Cheers SPF


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Thanks for the welcome backs :)

Sounds like I'll msg a mod. I'm not too fussed because I only made a few posts on that acct, but for the sake of proper order, a mod might like to do that.