A Re-introduction!


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A Re-introduction!

Hey! I don't know if anyone here remembers me, and there seems to be a lot of new folks in here, but I'm back! I played here about a year and a half ago, and around the time my second daughter was born (on the same day as the last ladder reset), I ventured back onto Bnet to try out the new quests and such. Not too long after that, my computer...just.........got.......sick or something. No clue, and after a couple of months I got a new one (it was time for an upgrade anyhow). Anyway, fast forward about a year through Daddy Duty, some Warcraft 3, Call of Duty, and Red Orchestra, and I decided to get the old cpu back from my brother to try to salvage whatever I could, since he couldn't get the issue figured out. Much to my delight, I was able to get my old SP characters and stashes, along with some other unimportant junk like resumees, baby pictures :wink3: and school files (I'm a science teacher).

Since I haven't been around, I figured I should post an "introductory" thread in case I get back into trading and what not.

It sure felt good to spam a few tornados after all this time, and it was awesome to get excited about an elite unique dropping after a couple minutes messing around:

Medusa's Gaze
Defense: 439
Chance to Block: 44%
Durability: 48 of 92
Required Strength: 219
Required Level: 76
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 84
Fingerprint: 0x2eb5ce6
+171% Enhanced Defense
Cold Resist +50%
8% Life stolen per hit
Slows Target by 20%
100% Chance to cast Level 44 Nova When You Die
10% Chance to cast Level 7 Lower Resist when struck

I look forward to MPing with ya'll again, and it's good to be back in the world of Diablo! :thumbsup:


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There's always new folks here... and some of us are so old we're new!! If that doesn't confuse you - nothing will!!

Welcome back!

May spears never pierce your innards!

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Welcome back.:wave: How does it feel to make an intro and not have to worry about your shins?:grin: Stop by the EMB and have a beer on me. W_m has a cookie hunt going on so there are plenty there.


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*kick's FoL in the shins for thinking there wouldn't be an shin-kicking going on.*

*kicks GlenDanzig220 in the shins for staying away*

Welcome back, I remember you (and your 'tar). We may have traded once or thrice upon a time. BTW, there are some new rules in the trade forum (runes are allowed again, etc.), so have a look. Also, I would guess that the majority of active traders have switched to RRM/RWM.

Have fun