A question on Diablo Hellfire


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A question on Diablo Hellfire

AS I blew the dust off the first classic, I wonder :

Is there an ATMA type application for Diablo Hellfire ?

If so, could anyone tell its coordinates on the net ?

/Ok ,www.google.com, but is there such a program ?/

Thanks in advance


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I think Cornerstone of the World (or whatever it was) can be used for that

edit: ...but I don't remember how it was done. But that stone is in that place you can get after that bug nest. Sorry, but I really don't remember :(


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Thing is, you don't so much need it. :) you can leave items in town with impunity, and you can transfer items between people on that crazy stump. :p


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Good thing those villagers don't steal your stuff, heh? 'Cept Cain, 100 bucks to identify items... :grrr: Had better be free in the second one.