A question for the ladies


A question for the ladies

Alright, something I've been thinking about based on experiences.

Do you like it when someone fights over you? I had a fight with a girlfriend of mine once, and broke up with her. I left the house, then had a change of heart, and went back in because I "forgot my glasses," and stayed. Well, I went back in and she was on the phone with some other guy making plans. About 20 minutes later he shows up and they leave. I followed (because I knew where they were going, and we had been planning to go there earlier anyways. She called him for the ride there.) So we get there and we're all together and she starts sitting on this guys lap right in front of me. After that we meet some other people, ditch the first guy, and she starts hanging onto this other guy. So now all these urchins decide that they want to go gallavanting through the woods to go smoke something illegal. (It's the middle of bloody winter in New England at this point.) So this kid throws his coat on the ground for them to sit on, she sits down with him, and starts making out with him right in front of me. I just stood there. I didn't know what to do. Being that I'm a romantic, I wanted to go choke him until his eyes popped out of his head. I ended uo doing nothing at that point. So everyone finishes being the little stoners that they were and we all leave. I catch her a couple minutes later and call her all the obligitory names, and recommed to her some colorful things she can do with a large stick.

Later on she tells me that she just wanted to make my jealous, and wanted to see me fight for her. Well, I don't play games too often, and as it happened it backfired on her and just made me want to hit her in the face with a wrench.

So, do you all like to see fights over you?


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To begin, you left. This action left her free of any and all romantic ties you may have shared. She had every right to call someone for whatever reason. Then, you followed her and her visitor and got upset because she sat in his lap. What did you think she had in mind when she called him anyway?

Seems to me that she had every intention of letting you and everyone else know that she was back on the market. Or she might have just been letting you know that you screwed up and was showing you what might happen if you do it again.

To even consider getting into it with the poor fella that she was playing would be just plain foolish.


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Ya I agree with Freet.

And if you realized you made a mistake, you should have told her right then when you went back to her house before she went out with that guy.

Then you guys might have made up and solved your problems right there.


If she starts making out with someone just because she wants to see you fight and make you jealous she's not worth it. Head games are not my thing. She seemed pretty immature and a few other things I can't say on these forums.


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But its pretty ignorant for a guy to break up and then expect that she will just come crawling back to him and not atleast make him pay some.

Your the one who broke up, so she had every right to do it, whether it be to piss you off, or she wanted you back.

If your that jealous, you should have thought of that BEFORE you broke up...