A question for all you hip trend-setters out there... ifra


A question for all you hip trend-setters out there...

Wait a minute... why am I asking for advice from hip trend-setters on here? What was I thinking? Well, since I'm already here, I'll ask for anyone's advice. Hey, you look like anyone. You'll do...

So, onto my question. As a person who's started to do that thing that some people somewhere call "getting out of the house on weekends," I've run into a bit of a dillema.

I've been going to some local clubs lately, and my question relates to dancing. Now, I've noticed that when I've gone to a club, people tell you to "just dance how you make love."

Ok, sure, that's easy enough. But the problem isn't me, however.

The problem that's plaguing me is how's the girl I'm dancing with supposed to dance in that position?

What, with the toes in the mouth and all.

The logistics of it are mind-boggling... :scratch:

Smeg Head

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This is an easy one.

Get drunk.
Both of you get into one of those rigs hollywierd and Broadway use to make people fly.
Duct tape your right knee to the right side of your head.
Do the same for her.
Be hoisted above the crowd.
Stick your right foot in her mouth.
She sticks her right foot in your mouth.
If necessary, have an assistant hoised up to duct tape the feet to the heads.
Commence dancing.

Next morning when the photos and video is released on the internet, immediately call Dave Letterman and do his show. Give a demonstration. Sell the book rights. Make a bunch of money. Retire in style