a question about energy shield


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a question about energy shield

i have heard that energy shield does not absorbe magic damage
is this correct ?
is there any penalties to absorbe with energy shield when certain types of dmg is taken ?

also is there a cap in pvp for energy shield and does it work the same way in pvp ?
thanks for your help



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eshield is capped at 95%. i think eshield absorbs magic dmg, but i could be wrong. There are no penalties to dmg taken, but there is the max res/eshield issue.

Snarlin Stef

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it absorbs magic dmg... even bone spirits.
however it is before resistances and damage reduction is put into effect. Thus a high level ES is really getting hit hard by all attacks.

most poeple say it sux. However if you plan on maxing energy shield and telekenesis... you want to have base vitalitiy... and put ALL points after str and dex into Energy.

with 95% ES.... energy becomes your life so crank the hell outa energy... most people that use maxed ES and telek unsuccessfully are those that have base energy (they are used to cookie cutter builds)



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I can think of 3 effects that are not affected/absorbed by ES:
- Poison damage
- Bleeding damage
- Crushing blow damage

The rest is absorbed by the % given by ES (which gives reduction of damage greater than otherwise possible to magic damage and physical damage).