A quesion for all necro users...


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A quesion for all necro users...

i started to use a pure bone necro not long ago, and i just want to know what is the states, gear and merc for this type of charactor


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same here =). although after reading a guide, i sometimes make a thread to figure things out about that build


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Yeah, but come on, this thread topic is a little more broad than just asking a few questions.... he wants to know it ALL :shocked:


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I'll give him my opinion! ^_^

BoneSpear: 20
Teeth: 20
BoneCage: 20
BoneWall: 20
BoneSpirit: 20
Corpse Explosion: 1
BoneShield: 1

Clay Golem: 1
Golem Mastery: 1
Summon Resist: 1

Amplify Damage: 1
Weaken: 1
Terror: 1
Decrepify: 1
Iron Maiden: 1

Strength: Enough for gear
Dex: Enough for lvl99 max block with Homunculus
Vitality: Everything else
Energy: Nuthin. Base.

End-goal Equipment:
Armor: Dusk Shroud Enigma (JahIthBer)
Helm: Rare Circlet (Shael'd) with +2 Necroskills, + 20% Faster Cast Rate, Faster Run/Walk, and other stuff.
Weapon: Flail Heart of the Oak (KoVexPulThul)
Shield: Homunculus
Gloves: Magefist
Belt: Arachnid's Mesh
Boots: Aldur's Advance
Amulet: Crafted; +2 Necroskills, +20% Faster Cast Rate, other stuff.
Rings: twin Stone of Jordan
Charms: +2 Necroskills Torch, Annihilus, +Poison and Bone Skill Grand Charms

Earlier, Cheaper Equipment:
Armor: Light Armor Stealth (TalEth), Skin of the Vipermagi, Light Armor Smoke (NefLum)
Helm: Peasant Crown, Lore (OrtSol)
Weapon: White (DolIo) Wand, any wand with +20% or more Faster Cast Rate and +2 or more to Bonespear
Shield: Fetish Rhyme (ShaelEth) with + to Bonespear, Lidless wall, Ancient's Pledge (really early on, that one :tongue: )
Gloves: Frostburn
Belt: Bladebuckle
Boots: Sander's Folly, Treads of Cthon
Amulet: +2 Necroskills, or +3 Poison and Bone Skill, or a Rare with 10% Faster Cast Rate.
Rings: Rares with 10% Faster Cast Rate
Charms: +to Life and Mana, +to Resists, +to Run/Walk, Faster Hit Recovery

Merc: Normal Rogue (Fire better for PvM, Ice better for PvP, IMO), using the highest damage bow you can get your hands on. Mine used Goldstrike Arch for a while, before I got her a Hand of Justice Diamond Bow.


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maybe 1pt into bone armor too...helps a bit in pvp and pvm...and with +skill gear it makes it help reduce a bit of phys dmg...


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Oops, I called it boneshield instead of armor...but I did say 20 in wall and cage, which would require the one in armor.:smiley: