A qiuck pole/questionar!!


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A qiuck pole/questionar!!

well i just have a few questions to ask u all feel free to ignore them or just answer a few of them

1. how many of u have a significant other

2. how many of u live with that significant other

3. how ofter are u nagged for playing D2 by that significant other

reason i am asking is becouse my fiancee really hates the game and hates even more the fact that i play it soo much. i try not to play when she is home and i stay up late hours into the night just so i can play nagless. she is great dont get me wrong she just thinks that games are for kids. and i have to get up early for work or school. just wonderin if i am the only one in this boat????


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haha, i'm with you on all that.
she's always saying "are you going to be playing that stupid game all night long?" "don't you want to spend time with me?"

oh well, either play D2 less when she's not around, or go back to being single.
i'd rather play D2 less, than have to give up other benefits of having that significant other. ;)


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I'm with you on that; mine thinks diablo is a waste of time and I should spend my time doing something more constructive(she does have a point)- she'd almost rather me tell her I go out to bars every night than play diablo. I hear from people that they play diablo with their wives/girlfriends; they are quite lucky to share this common interest.

In fact, my girlfriend was just giving me crap at lunch today, asking "What is the average age of people who play that game? like 13?". I informed her that many older people play in addition to younger people-and some play with significant others(she tried it once but lost interest quickly).

I guess I'm a bit lucky, though- she works nights so I have 4-5 nights a week to play unbothered(except when she's bored- calls and wants to talk for like a half hour- then I just cook dinner or something; lol). She originally tried to claim the game is evil, but I explained that the whole purpose is to destroy evil.. The main thing is she doesn't find entertainment from video games, and doesnt understand people's fascination with them. I guess the best thing is to just rationalize it and explain that it's not like your gonna play it forever(once d3 comes out you'll just start playing that! lol). Good luck-



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I'm newly married. My wife was shocked when she found out how much time I spent playing video games. Since we hadn't lived together before we got married , she didn't see me play video games very much. This was because, naturally, I wouldn't play them much when she was aorund because I know she's not terribly interested in them. Once we got married and moved in together, she would nag about it all the time, so much so that we would get in a big fight every time I would play. It wasn't like she cared ablout the games, it was that she thought it was a personal rejection of her for a game. That's obviously not true. It's just a hobby or a distraction. Anyway I would rather her stare at a TV screen, while I stare at a computer screen, than have us both stare at a TV screen.

She's ok with it now. (Been married 8 months.) She's very understanding. Well, maybe not understanding, she puts up with it, though, lol. I pretty much just look at it like this: I'd rather play video games than watch TV. I think she looks at it like this: I'm kind of an idiot.

Being married has about cut my play time in half, because it is a pretty selfish activity, since she really can't participate. (I realize that she actually could, but she won't even give it a chance, so...) I think it's OK having less playtime though; while Diablo isn't the worst kind of addiction I've ever had, it isn't the most healthy either.

I'm also with teksyn on the benefits of having a significant other. :)

And good comment about D3, Darnoc, I'll tell her that and see how she likes it. heh...


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Thank God there are more people like me playing this game out there!
Kinda given up explaining that there are pepole older than 13 playing D2.

Haven`t posted much lately, but this thread made me wanna.
Think I`ll show her this thread...


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My wife likes to watch TV and is glad I am not there making commentary on all the stupidity there is to see. After woking two jobs, one phyisical and one mentally stressful I want (not need) a way to decompress. So here I am when I get the time.

Best to spend time with family/friends but sometimes this game is a fun distraction.
Since I quit playing a short time ago (still no trembling hands and/or sleepless nights lol) I guess it would be easiest for me to say that all your significant others are right ;)

But I am sure all of them have some kind of hobby or interest they spend a lot of time on as well. And since you are all so understanding, you probably never give THEM a hard time about it. When they start nagging again ask them to explain why they do what they do (watch endless soap series, talk on phone for 3 hours about absolutely nothing etc etc), and see what they have to say to "defend" themselves.

Good luck anyway ;)