A PvP Char You never Really See?

Trojan Man

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A PvP Char You never Really See?

What is a good all around PvP Character for Pubs. I wanna have a character you dont really see much and can do good in pubs. I dont care if its melee or caster just a character you havent seen in awhile.


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fire trappers and fire casting druids
isn't it ironic that lightning trappers / wind druids that use the same tree as the two i mentioned are extremely popular ?


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you dont usually see a vt every day in a duel game, mainly because they are COSTLY AS HELL to make and even harder to master. and by all around i take it you mean 1v1? a good vt can stand up to many of the most popular dulers today and come up on top, but as for 1vmany, they are not that great


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A few uncommon ones are: Singers, Fire Trappers, Kicksins, Fire Druids, Fury/Rabies/Fireclaw Druids, Enchantresses, Poison Necros, Mages, and Elemental Zealots.



I had a V/T 6 months ago before I "quit" he was fully loaded...

Their okay 1v1, more often than not foh got negated which was frustrating since the damage is low it wasn't enough to trigger stun animation, so it was pretty useless.

He's asking for builds that can take mutiple people thats a unique build. A Bombsin can't do that.

I have an enchantress, way too fragile to be good on NL anyway, no double dream.

I think Fire Druid is your best bet with high area damage.


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ive owned an entire room with my friends firetrapper once. of course that was till they started absorbing ;/
my bet is on mages.. they're probably one of the best pub duelers in my opinion. a good one will definetely give you a hard time no matter what.


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try this

look at a skill that nobody uses, ever.
make it good
own people

i dont know the rest, but it sounds cool and i think it would work in some fantastic dream world of doom where anyone can do... stuff...


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I'm kind of wondering how nasty an enigma triple aura (Pride/Faith/Might merc) skellimancer would be in duels.

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whats a V/T?? I dont want to make a trapper they are just TOO cheap and i already have a fire drood. Anyone else have any other suggestions?


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V/t = smite / foh. Fire druids do good but are sorbed pretty easily. Mages and libs are fun and work good.


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i have an almost perfect fireclaws bear - it beats almost all pub duelers except decent smiters - and i have only ever met two other fireclaw bears that are anywhere close to my equal

i also have a fury/rabies wolf but even though he isn't finished leveling yet, he does very well in pub duels.

basically, as someone said, if you can aquire the best equipment, you can simply pick a skill and do reasonably well in pub duel games. however, this doesn't apply to proper duel games, just pubbies.

i also half made a wolfbarb, which i am sure would have turned out well if i had the necessary wealth at the time, the same goes for the singer build and the enchantress/bear build i tried

lol as you can see i like to use rare/fun/strong pvp builds